"Breaking news...we're just getting reports that Corellian Prime Minister Dur Gejjen has been shot dead at a spaceport on Vulpter, Deep Core, by a Corellian terrorist."
―HNE newsflash[src]

The Mission to Vulpter was a mission planned by Colonel Jacen Solo to have Ben Skywalker assassinate the Five World Prime Minister and leader of the Confederation, Dur Gejjen. The assassination took place after a secret meeting between Gejjen and Chief of State Cal Omas of the Galactic Alliance. Although successful, the mission resulted in the death of Galactic Alliance Guard Lieutenant Jori Lekauf, which had a severe impact on Ben Skywalker.


"Once Omas pulls his troops back; we'll talk the Bothans into behaving. Give it a month or two, let everyone calm down and get used to a cease-fire, and we'll use that lull to regroup with Commenor, Fondor, and Bothawui to give Coruscant a pounding it'll never forget."
―Dur Gejjen to Confederation defense staff[src]

After obtaining evidence of Dur Gejjen's involvement in the failed attack on Tenel Ka Djo, Jacen Solo tasked his apprentice Ben Skywalker with Gejjen's assassination. Meanwhile, Gejjen was beginning his long term plan of invading Coruscant and winning the war. He contacted Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas to set up a meeting. Omas was eager to end the war and agreed to attend the "peace negotiations". During their conversation the two briefly discussed having Jacen Solo and Cha Niathal murdered before deciding to continue the conversation on Vulpter. Neither of them were aware that the Galactic Alliance Guard was monitoring them and the transcript of the conversation was sent to Colonel Jacen Solo, who then discussed the possibility of a coup with Niathal. To prepare for his mission, Ben was trained with a GAG Karpaki Fifty sniper rifle until he was firing at 95% accuracy and dyed his hair brown.

The assassination[]

"What's he doing sir? How's he getting out?"
"Has to be done."
"What has to be done?"
"A good cover story"
―Ben Skywalker and Lon Shevu before Jori Lekauf's death[src]

Ben, Captain Lon Shevu, and Jori Lekauf later arrived at Charbi City Spaceport in an old Incom Corporation tourer where the meeting would take place. After the two heads of state arrived and began their meeting Lekauf placed a strip-cam in their room so they could listen in on the meeting and gather evidence of Omas bypassing the Senate and negotiating with an enemy leader. After the meeting was over Ben tracked down Gejjen and scored a textbook headshot. During the chaos Ben met with Shevu and Lekauf and the three merged with the crowed but were stopped by CSA officers before they could make their exit. The port had been sealed by Vulpter authorities who planned to search everyone at the scene. Lekauf then took the sniper rifle from Ben, then took a women hostage posing as a Corellian terrorist and threatened to kill her if he wasn't allowed to fly away in the Incom tourer. Shevu and Ben used the distraction to escape. Ben didn't understand why they were leaving Lekauf behind until he saw Lekauf enter the tourer and destroyed it while he was inside to maintain the cover story that the assassination was carried out by a Corellian terrorist.


The death of Jori Lekauf devastated Ben. He believed that he was responsible for it and later confided in his mother Mara Jade Skywalker. Meanwhile Lon Shevu informed Lekauf's family of his death, giving them a proper cover story that wouldn't reveal his involvement in the mission.

After passing a law which allowed him to detain heads of state that were a threat to the Galactic Alliance, Jacen Solo used the evidence gathered during the mission as justification for Omas's arrest and for his and Niathal's takeover of the Galactic Alliance. Although the Jedi Council and the Galaxy as a whole were shocked by recent events, very little of them were aware that a potentially tragic attack on Coruscant had been prevented.