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The Mission to Xartun was a Wraith Squadron covert operation with the goal of destroying Xartun's transparisteel product factory owned by Warlord Zsinj. The Wraiths infiltrated the factory at night and planted demolition charges. The sudden activation of the factory's Viper probe droids alerted the factory's security, sending stormtroopers and TIE fighters to block their exit. The Wraiths managed to escape when Falynn Sandskimmer commandeered a skiff and drove it out of the factory before the charges exploded.

The Mission to Xartun[edit | edit source]

Reconnaissance[edit | edit source]

The first step of the mission was to actually gather some information on their target. Face acting as both Captain Zurel Darillian and his envoy Lieutenant Narol, actually met with Xartun's governor Nojin Koolb. The governor gave Face a tour of the facility, which he recorded and the sent to his fellow Wraiths before leaving in their shuttle.[1]

Infiltration[edit | edit source]

Thanks to the data gathered by Face, and Grinder's skills, the Wraiths managed to infiltrate the factory without any troubles. There however, they discovered extra levels to the factory, which the governor had not shown to Face, which started to make them wonder at the true level of Zsinj's financial empire.

During their exploration and subsequent sabotage of the factory, the Wraiths eventually triggered an alarm, which caused modified Imperial Probe droids to raise against them and summoned stormtroopers and two TIE fighters from the nearby base. Kell and Grinder made short work of the probe droids, Kell by planting a magnetic bomb on the first, and Grinder by luring the second in a turbolift shaft and crushing him with the turbolift. Kell then quickly finished planting the charges that would demolish the plant while Grinder finished downloading the content of its central computer.[1]

Escape[edit | edit source]

With the arrival of the TIE Fighters, the Wraiths escape was effectively blocked. While Myn Donos could easily pin down the stormtroopers with sniper fire, he could do nothing against the starfighters. Falyn Sandskimmer and Kell Tainer then improvised a plan using the repulsorlift vehicles present in the hangar. While the Wraiths would board a huge cargo skiff. Falyn would fly a fast skimmer out first, as a lure, and then the cargo skiff would burst out, using the magnetic load lifters to grab and bowl over the TIE fighters. They did so, and managed to escape after grabbing and destroying both fighters.[1]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The infiltration was a complete success, the target was destroyed and intelligence was gathered with no losses. This first hint at a shady financial empire ruled by Zsinj would prompt the Wraith to try to find out more and turn over any evidence to the NRI to cut Zsinj off from his revenues.[3]

Also of importance, Piggy recognized some of the parts being built in the factory to be cells similar to the ones where he grew up, linking Binring Biomedical Products to Zsinj and eventually precipitating the mission to Saffalore.[4]

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