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"No matter how hard we try, not everyone can be saved."
"Yeah, it's just hard knowing that. Janard was a good man. He helped more people than he knew and over time, history will remember him as the heroic person he was. We'll lose more good people, other friends in this war, but I know we'll prevail. We have to."
―Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren, after the death of Janard[src]

In 4 BBY,[source?] members of Phoenix Cell undertook a mission to rescue Janard, an old contact of the rebel Mandalorian Sabine Wren, who was being held prisoner by the Galactic Empire. They found Janard after receiving a distress signal from a freighter that carried Janard and crashed in the oceans of the aquatic world of Quila. During the mission, Captain Hera Syndulla of the Ghost piloted the ship and kept it near the crashed freighter, while Wren and Tano entered the freighter itself.[2]

The two searched the vessel and eventually found Janard being held at blaster-point by stormtroopers, who the two rebels took out. They made their way through the ship to the bridge with Janard and attempted to contact Syndulla for rescue, but they were confronted by an Imperial officer and several stormtroopers. The rebels fought back and took out a number of the Imperial forces, but Janard was shot in the back by a stormtrooper and mortally wounded. His death reminded Wren that their war against the Empire would be costly.[2]

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