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In 3963 BBY, a mission was undertaken by the Taris Resistance to destroy the Jedi Tower on Taris.

The mission[]

When Carrick went to the Jedi Tower to attack Cassus Fett, he discovered from a Mandalorian soldier that Fett had left the tower and had moved on to lead the attack on the Taris Resistance. Unfortunately for the Mandalorian messenger, Raana Tey killed him and then attacked Zayne after he told her she was insane. Utilizing the jetpack his armor was equipped with, Zayne managed to avoid Raana for much of the rest of the duel, after a slight injury sustained from Tey's blade.

Despite her failing health, Raana was able to disarm Zayne, and, when he moved to use his blaster, deflected the shots from it as well. Zayne pleaded with the Jedi Master to remember her teachings, and stop the duel. Enraged, Raana hurled him into the glass ceiling and destroyed his jetpack with her lightsaber. Calling Zayne's lightsaber to her hand, Raana then told him about the Prophecy of Five who would cause the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order to collapse to which Zayne retorted that the prophecy referred to five 'treacherous evil' Jedi Masters. As Raana raised both lightsabers for the death blow, Shel Jelavan stabbed through the Jedi Master's torso with her brother's lightsaber. After admitting to Zayne that she didn't hold him responsible for the death of her brother, they were aided in their escape from the Jedi Tower by Gadon Thek and Marn Hierogryph.

When Zayne saw that Raana Tey would die without his help, he offered to save her even though he would not be getting any confession from her. She attempted to free her hand with her lightsaber, but Gryph misinterpreted the gesture as an attack and detonated the explosives that leveled the Tower.[2]

Before plummeting to her death, Raana Tey asked Zayne to tell Krynda that she was sorry.[2]



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