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The mission to the Tellik Four Station was a mission undertaken by the newly formed Inferno Squad to recover and extract Bokk Naarg, a defecting member of the Partisans.

The goalEdit

Inferno Squad's goal with the mission was to recover Bokk Naarg, a Sullustan who had been working with the recently deceased Saw Gerrera since before the formation of the Galactic Empire and who had apparently seen the futility of Gerrera's cause therefore offering the Empire the information of where the Dreamers group was getting their information.[1]

The missionEdit

The Corvus docked in Bay 47 of Tellik Four Station, allegedly put in for refuelling. Gideon Hask and Del Meeko's ID10 seeker droid went to meet with Naarg in the Singularity, which was a watering hole/club onboard the station.[1]

Iden Versio put on stormtrooper armor and patrolled the outside of the Singularity close enough to assist but far way enough to not arouse suspicion. Bokk had been informed by an Imperial agent to look for a man in a brown jacket with precisely three patches on it. When Bokk found him, Hask realised that Bokk had come with five comrades, two Mirialans, two Pantorans and a Togruta.[1]

Onboard the Corvus, Meeko realised that the newcomers were equipped with fake jewellery that was actually explosives. Before aborting the mission, Seyn Marana and Meeko listened into the newcomer's conversation and overheard that they were beginning to suspect Hask was an Imperial.[1]

Hask confessed to Bokk and his companion Sharima that he knew about his companion's explosives. Hask used Del's droid to cut the explosive jewels string, snatch a datachip and Hask catches the seven explosives. Hask then ran and threw the bombs into the Singularity. Hask was saved from the explosion by Versio and they boarded the Corvus with the droid.[1]


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