Mistal was a Human female who was the duchess of Dargul as of 11 ABY. When she reached the marrying age in 9 ABY, she attempted to find the perfect consort. A man named Dack sliced into Palace Dargul's computer system and placed himself as the perfect consort for her. The two were wed and Mistal wouldn't allow Dack to leave her sight, which drove him half crazy, causing him to run away to Dargul's sister planet Umgul. Mistal placed a million credit reward for his safe return, which was collected by Lando Calrissian and the blob stable owner, Slish Fondine, who originally had wanted Dack executed for cheating, which Calrissian averted by telling Fondine that if he gave Dack to the duchess, she would be delighted, which of course she was. She later attended the playing of the Cathedral of Winds on Vortex as an invited dignitary along with Dack. By Dack's own admission, Mistal was beautiful and charming, but very, very clingy.

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