Mister Mxil was a Mon Calamari refugee from Dac who found sanctuary on Port Haven where he operated the only tavern, Haven's Water.

Before he went to Port Haven, he was the chief steward onboard the Kuari Princess, where he was responsible for the preparation of meals, stocking of the bars and contentment of the passengers with regard to eating.

When Mister Mxil spoke out against the enslavement of his homeworld, he was forced to become a refugee from the Empire. When he arrived at Port Haven he learned the way of the jungle with the help from Hallomar, the de facto governor of the smuggler outpost. He reconstructed one of the larger buildings on Port Haven to open the Haven's Water to serve the visiting spacers. The tavern served drinks produced from ingredients found in the nearby jungle. Some mornings he was known to walk to the ocean for a refreshing swim or sit on the beach, meditating.


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