"Please omit unnecessary details, my dear! Recording circuits are open!"
―Mistress Mnemos[src]

Mistress Mnemos was a BRT supercomputer hidden deep within a secret Rebel Alliance stronghold on Fusai.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A strict and proper machine, Mistress Mnemos originally served the Obroa-skai branch library on Fusai, where she was housed in an underground chamber and plugged into a wall of storage drives over a kilometer long. When funding was cut for the library, Mnemos' data vault was maintained by local volunteers. Sometime prior to the Battle of Yavin, the Rebel Alliance took custody of the supercomputer when they established Fusai as a safeworld.

C-3PO visited Mistress Mnemos to create a record of Luke Skywalker and his friends' early activities for the Alliance. However, his interactions with her were lukewarm at best, as they at least once argued over disseminating of information before 3PO could get the chance at explaining the details of any of Luke's early activities.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Mistress Mnemos was created by Russ Manning.

Two deleted strips, presumably taking place at the beginning of Gambler's World, revealed that Mistress Mnemos had several security checkpoints, one of which (the final one) required for the visitor (C-3PO in this case) to stand on a white line until his identity was verified, resulting in 3PO asking whether the security protocols, even for something as top secret as her, were too extreme. After arriving, he also finishes Mnemos' request to stand at the edge of the platform and divulge his activity, pointing out that something "as big and smart" as her should remember her friends more.[1]

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