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"Misty, if it was you, where would you be?"
"If it was me, you'd already all be dead. Luckily for us, Rebel snipers are all rubbish."
―Kreel asks Misty to guess an enemy sniper's position[src]

"Misty" was the nickname of an Special Commando Advanced Recon trooper in Task Force 99, a squad within the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps. Acting as the squad's sniper, Misty accompanied the task force under the command of Sergeant Kreel to Sunspot Prison, an Alliance to Restore the Republic prison where the Imperial prisoner Kolar Ludd was being kept. By the time the group got there however, Ludd had been killed and the prison abandoned after coming under attack. While searching through the abandoned space station, Kreel received new orders,[2] and the task force relocated to the Ghost Moon in order to kill a group of Rebels hiding there. Upon arrival, Kreel had Misty guess the location of the rebel's snipers within the city they had landed in and then took fellow task force member Cav to seek out the rebels. Misty and the others then followed the sound of blaster fire once it began and joined the fray, but were ordered to retreat by Kreel once a rebel Armored Assault Tank attacked them. The group then made their way through the sewers beneath the city, stopping only briefly when Kreel was attacked by a dianoga. The sergeant then detonated charges that had been placed around the tank and dropped it into the sewer, using his lightsaber to destroy its weapon and then ordering the rest of the squad to kill its crew and capture the rebel Admiral Verette who had been inside.[3]

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Misty first appeared in the comic book Star Wars 19: Rebel Jail, Part IV, which was written by Jason Aaron with illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu and released in 2016. The trooper went unnamed until reappearing two issues later in the Star Wars series in Star Wars 21: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part I, which was illustrated by Jorge Molina instead of Yu.



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