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Mitth'ali'astov, formerly known as Al'iastov with the core name of Thalias, was a Force-sensitive Chiss female sky-walker. She was born on Colonial Station Camco, and was brought to The Expansionary Fleet complex on Naporar for sky-walker training when she was young. She started navigating when she was seven. At one point, she served as a navigator aboard the Tomra, where she met Thrawn. Her third Sight only lasted until she was thirteen, a year earlier than a typical Sky-Walker. She was adopted by the Chiss Ascendancy's Mitth family as a merit adoptive. She then became Che'ri's momish. She later became a trial-born after completing the Trials.[1]

Thalias accompanied Thrawn on many missions, pretending to be a family hostage, multiple times. She found it hard to leave Che'ri behind, as she remembered how hard it was with out a caretaker while she was a sky-walker.[1]

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Mitth'ali'astov appeared in the 2020 novel Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising, written by Timothy Zahn.[1]

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