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"Careful over there. It's 'dark'."
"Yeah, very funny, Mixer."
―Mixer joking to Redeye[src]

"Mixer" was the nickname of a clone trooper who lived during the Clone Wars. He was stationed aboard the Coronet to protect Duchess Satine Kryze from assassination attempts. While he was in the cargo bay, he, R2-D2, and fellow trooper Redeye were attacked by assassin probes. Redeye was killed first and Mixer was killed soon after discovering Redeye's dropped blaster. Mixer had two blue crescent markings on his helmet, which was discovered by R2 before he ran into Cody and Rex.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mixer first appeared in Voyage of Temptation. Like all clones, he was portrayed and voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. An unidentified clone trooper appears in the episode "ARC Troopers" with the same markings, however this would likely not be him since he died in Voyage of Temptation. This is just a coincidence and not at all possible this is Mixer.


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