The Miy'til assault bomber was a Hapes Consortium starfighter.


Based on the same Hapan principles of speed and agility that produced the smaller Miy'til starfighter, the Miy'til assault bomber blended an impressive mix of sublight speed and maneuverability that put it on par with a heavy starfighter rather than a bomber.[2]

Because of its unusual speed and agility for a bomber, it was highly effective in both atmosphere and space, and was far superior to similarly classed bombers, such as the TIE bombers.[2]

The crew consists of the pilot, a gunner and an astromech droid .[1]


It was so rarely employed by the Hapes Consortium that even as late as 25 ABY, its abilities were poorly understood by foreign powers. As such, the ship proved to be a nasty surprise in first time engagements.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Cracken's Threat Dossier (page 44) states that Nova-class battle cruisers could transport six assault bombers, but the New Republic had not information about the bomber; the term Miy'til wasn't used in the source.

Starships of the Galaxy, Saga Edition notes that the hyperdrive can only jump to 5 coordinates stored by the astromech droid. Other sources don't mention this limit, but don't make clear if the ship has a navcomputer either.


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Miy'til assault bomber

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