The Miy'til starfighter was a fighter unique to the Hapes Consortium, where it served as the primary superiority fighter.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A Miy'til starfighter.

The craft's small size meant that the Hapan engineers had to miniaturize many of its components. It employed an Astromech droid to assist with in-flight operations and navigation. The Miy'til was, like other small starfighters, relatively lightly armed, with only two laser cannons and one concussion missile launcher. A command version of the starfighter was more expensive, but equipped with another laser cannon, two ion cannons, and another missile launcher.[1]

Each Nova-class battle cruiser carried 24 Miy'til starfighters, while 36 were carried aboard a Hapan Battle Dragon. The Queen Mother's mobile palace Star Home carried 60 of the fighters.

History[edit | edit source]

Miy'til schematics.

Following their defeat in the Clone Wars, several Separatist starfighter engineers fled into the Hapes Cluster, seeking refuge. There, they lent their services to the Consortium, helping to develop new fighter designs.[1]

The Miy'til fighters saw service in many of the border skirmishes the Hapans had with pirates or other interlopers, the Battle of Dathomir, the Battle of Fondor, and naturally, during the Battle of Hapes against the Yuuzhan Vong. Interestingly, they served alongside X-wings in the Hapan fleet.

Prince Isolder had a modified version of this fighter, the Storm, which included a turbo booster engine similar in design to the SLAM system that was used on Imperial Missile Boats, allowing it to briefly attain speeds roughly 33% faster than the notably fast RZ-1 A-wing interceptor. The Storm was also much more heavily armed, mounting three laser cannons, two ion cannons, a concussion missile launcher, and two thermal detonator bombing tubes.[4]

These fighters continued to be in use as of the Hapan Insurrection, participating on both sides of the engagement. A squadron of the fighters loyal to the Ducha Galney strafed Jaina Solo and Zekk when they investigated her estate, and many of them were present in the Battle of Hapes in 40 ABY.

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