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"Mizel, I've had my doubts about you, but today you showed true courage. And I would be happy to see you serve on my ship."
―Commander Sato, to Pomdak[src]

Mizel Pomdak was a young male human and a member of the rebellion, a loose network of resistance fighters opposing the Galactic Empire. Initially a clumsy mechanic with no self-confidence, Pomdak learned to believe in himself after meeting Ezra Bridger, the young rebel and trainee Jedi whose exploits had inspired him to join the rebellion. Pomdak proved himself by fixing one of the main defense batteries of Phoenix Home, the flagship of the rebel fleet, during a skirmish with Imperials.


Early lifeEdit

"I stowed away on board a freighter to be here. My family is very pro-Empire and couldn't see through the lies they tell."
―Pomdak, to Bridger[src]

Mizel Pomdak was born in the year when Sheev Palpatine abolished the democratic Galactic Republic and replaced it with his own Galactic Empire. Although Pomdak's parents were very pro-Empire, his father used to tell his son tales about the Jedi of old, an order of Force-users that Palpatine sought to eliminate. Eventually, after hearing the same new story two days in a row, the young Pomdak realized that the official state-sanctioned HoloNet News agency spouted lies. He also saw a holo-transmission showing a picture of the Spectres, a crew of rebels based on Lothal. One of those rebels, a boy of his age named Ezra Bridger, particularly caught Pomdak's attention, because of the Jedi lightsaber he was wearing.[1]

Age of the EmpireEdit

Sato's trainee mechanicEdit

"If you wish to remain on my ship, you will follow the protocol or I will happily have you removed."
―Commander Sato, to Pomdak[src]

Inspired by Bridger's example, Pomdak eventually stowed away aboard a freighter and encountered the rebellion, a network of resistance cells that fought the Empire wherever and whenever they could. The boy joined the crewmen of Commander Jun Sato's Phoenix Cell. Under Sato's wing, Pomdak started learning how to operate and maintain the different types of starships used by the rebellion. Despite spending entire nights studying technical manuals, Pomdak made many mistakes while attempting to repair things. He also had a habit of waking up late, which angered Commander Sato and put him on the brink of expulsion.[1]

Finding confidenceEdit

"I can do this. I can make this work. Everyone's counting on me. I have to make this work."
―Pomdak, to himself[src]

At some point, Pomdak came to meet Ezra Bridger aboard Phoenix Home, a CR90 corvette that served as the headquarters of the Phoenix cell. Because Commander Sato wanted Bridger to familiarize himself with the maintenance of the rebellion's ships, Pomdak was given the opportunity to work alongside his hero. Upon hearing of Pomdak's difficulties, Bridger advised him to find some confidence in himself. Later on, a rebel A-wing pilot jumped out of hyperspace in the vicinity of Phoenix Base, stating that he had been attacked by Imperials while patrolling around Rinn. That arrival caused a stir, and Commander Sato readily ordered the rebel fleet to jump into hyperspace in case the Imperials had managed to track the A-wing. However, the rebels had no time to flee; as Sato had feared, an Imperial flotilla jumped out right where they were and attacked them.[1]

Sato ordered Bridger to man the firing station of Phoenix Home, but one of the ship's main turbolaser batteries took a hit. The commander then dispatched Pomdak to repair that battery. The young boy was terrified at the very idea of making a mistake that could lead the rebels to their death. Sato, however, far from his usual scolding, tried to inject some confidence in Pomdak, telling him that the fate of the rebel fleet depended on his skills. Upon working on the battery's systems, Pomdak realized that his hero, Ezra Bridger, had mixed up some of the connections while working on them earlier. Upon discovering that even heroes can be mistaken, Pomdak started believing in his chances and rearranged the wires properly.[1]

Even as the batteries of Phoenix Home were repaired, the starship Ghost piloted by Captain Hera Syndulla of the Spectres came out of hyperspace and attacked the Imperials, providing an opening for the rebel fleet to escape. Once the fleet reached safe haven, Pomdak was introduced to Captain Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger's informal Jedi mentor. Now carrying himself with a newfound self-confidence, Pomdak received compliments from Sato and thanked Bridger for what the Jedi trainee had taught him.[1]


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