Mkbuto Islands, also known as Mkbuto Seatree Preserve, Mkubto region and Mkubto island chain, were an area of the planet Dac. Its ecosystem included needlefishes and tumblebaskers amid seatree fronds. The region was sent beneath the surface of the ocean by a seaquake that occurred many centuries before the fall of the Galactic Republic.

Strangely for a region on Dac, the native Mon Calamari never wanted to build there any floating city. In fact, many Dac inhabitants considered that it was a sacred ground. Mon Calamaris believed that their species came of age on this chain, and that most of the island sank beneath the waves many centuries ago due to a seaquake. It was unclear why the other intelligent species of Dac, the Quarren, considered Mkbuto a sacred place. It was also unclear what the exact effect of this status was.

As Mkbuto could provide important clues about Dac prehistory, it was analyzed for some years by archaeologists, looking for artifacts or building foundations.

At one particular moment, archaeologists discovered a planetary repulsor chamber like those on the Corellian system, beneath the sand of the largest Mkbuto island. This discovery, which would later reveal to be a poor fake, began attracting the attention of the media, including Kaminoan reporter Haum Do. It was soon obvious that a security increase was needed, and Colonel Guarran was chosen to protect the excavation site. It is believed that Mon Calamari bounty hunter Bringe was an assassin looking for Guarran.

Admiral Ackbar researched the tectonic plate activity on Mkbuto from a floating habitat some time after the Battle of Calamari. Later, Ackbar used this place as his home while writing his memoirs.

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