"Mlatar is not only a skilled wielder of the scimitars of my homeworld, but his recent partnership with the Zulirian Swordmasters will prompt him to use his weaponry on individuals not prepared to defend themselves against such a master."
Tynan Ryln Mei, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Mlatar Thon Gra was a male Togorian Zulirian Swordmaster.

As a young being, Mlatar was a capable hunter, living with his father's tribe. The tribe was then invited to travel with the Margrave's camp. During those weeks, Mlater entered the Rrann Hhoss, a game centered in the use of sc'rath scimitars in combat and hunting. As a hunter, Mlatar chose to take part, and he surprisingly won the games.

While doing so, he attracted the attention of master smith Elotis, who asked Mlatar to became his apprentice. Mlatar was also a fast learner and he learned the craft of sc'raths in less than five years; at some moment in the sixth year, Elotis declared him a master smith. He was the first Togorian in more than three generations who reached the rank of master smith in less than ten years.

Soon afterward, Mlatar met female Togorian Tyrimm Wyln and began a romantic relationship with her. Wyln eventually saved some credits from the incomes of the farm she managed with her sisters, and decided to leave Togoria in a tour to visit worlds such as Ord Klina and Zuliria. In Zuliria, Tyrimm died in the crossfire of an Imperial attack on a Rebel cell.

Worried about his mate not coming back, Mlatar left Togoria to look for her. At that moment, he was one of the best bladesmith ever leaving Togoria, and he was also a great fighter with the twin scimitars. He was also known because of his preference for the traditional scr'ath of his father's tribe, instead of the "pretentious" crystalline scr'ath that appeared later.

In Zuliria, Mlatar met fellow blade-lover Ther-das, who became his fast friend and offered his help in the search of Tyrimm. They soon discovered what happened, which shattered Mlatar. Not having any reason to return to Togoria, Mlatar accepted Ther-das offer to join the Zulirian Swordmasters.

He owned a domesticated mosgoth named Ktlin. Mlatar used Ktlin to fly through the cities instead of the more common ruori.

Mlatar Thon Gra also built fellow Swordsmaster Cene Gilvent's customized weapon, the Soknar, by combining a Somreth tri-blade of the Drevun Six, the Barnax "Twenchok" foil and the Coynite sat'skar.

Rebel agent and Togorian Tynan Ryln Mei wrote a report on Mlatar, specifying that Mlatar was a great swordsbeing. Tynan also mentioned that, due to the Zulirian Swordmasters politics, Mlatar would attack unprepared enemies with his sc'rath.


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