Mnah Ra'at was a male Human Sith Acolyte attending the academy on Odacer-Faustin in 3645 BBY. Born on 3662 BBY, it is unknown how he became a sith during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War. As a sith student and apprentice, Ra'at was highly ambitious, and aspired to be the most powerful and renowned student at the institution. He trained tirelessly with his combat Master, Xat Hracken, and attempted to best fellow student Rance Lussk in single combat. When Darth Scabrous's alchemically-created virus was unleashed upon the school, Ra'at was infected. Transformed into a blood thirsty zombie, Mnah tried to attack Master Hracken. The Sith Master immediately killed the boy with Force lightning to prevent him from succumbing to the disease and attacking his classmates.

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