Mnor Nha was a male Gotal who lived in the Invisec area of Coruscant.


Mnor joined the Alien Combine, an anti-Imperial, anti-Human band of Invisec dwellers. They carried out attacks against the Galactic Empire and, quick to judge Humans as bigoted, killed those they felt to be so and sent their bodies back as warnings to the Empire. Mnor was instrumental in such attacks due to his empathic skills as a Gotal, being able to sense the feelings of their targets to determine if they harbor any anti-alien sentiments. One such potential victim was Gavin Darklighter, but when Darklighter and his Rogue Squadron companions were brought before Dmaynel Kiph, the leader of the Alien Combine, the Empire raided their headquarters. Nha's fate after the attack is not known.

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