The Loratus Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher, or the MPTL-L, was a crawler-type artillery mobile weapons platform fitted with a proton torpedo launcher used by the Rebel Alliance during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War.[1] One of the units was brought along with a New Republic strike team during the early portions of the Battle of Hanoon[2] in 6 ABY.[3]

It was manufactured by Loratus and was a mobile parabolic projectile platform that was made for taking out enemy units at far range with the help of a spotter. These units were also capable of laying mines to blow up unwary Imperial units.

They had an advantage over many other types of heavy artillery, such as being able to fire their ordnance with reasonable accuracy while on the move—useful during raiding operations and in avoiding counter-battery fire.

The MPTL-L was the precursor to the MPTL-2a vehicle, a medium artillery variant. Both, however, saw contemporary use throughout the Galactic Civil War.

The MPTL-L was capable of being upgraded to a heavier version.[2]

Multiple views of the MPTL-L. (top row)

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The MPTL appears in several Star Wars real-time strategy video games.

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