The Mobile Spacedock 220 was produced by Rendili StarDrive.


The 220 usually handled vessels up to a size of a ShaShore-class frigate, enveloping them in a vast metal frame while repairs were made. In the case of extensive repairs, sections of the spacedock could be sealed off with individual atmospheric shields to provide an easier working environment.[1]

The design's central spine structure contained power generators, engines, thrusters, crew quarters and machine shops. When traveling through hyperspace, the metal frame's ribs had to be retracted beforehand, a maneuver that often needed 12 to 24 hours of preparations. In an emergency, this could be shortened to only two hours, but required a thorough maintenance check for days afterward, as partially stored segments of the vessel would suffer damage from the journey.[1]


The Galactic Alliance Core Fleet managed to acquire one such spacedock. The vessel was one of their most prized assets, and they had difficulty getting enough trustworthy technicians to staff it.[1]


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