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The Moddell sector was a subsector of the Zuma sector, in the Outer Rim Territories. Part of the Zuma sector's Inner Zuma Region, above the galactic plane, it was divided into the Inner Moddell systems and the Outer Moddell systems. The sector included particularly the worlds Annaj, the sector capital, and Endor, the site of the famous Battle of Endor. Notable sentient species included the Ayrou, the Ewoks and the Yuzzums.


The Moddell sector included nearly two hundred uninhabited systems, from anonymous red dwarfs to the young blue giants at the heart of the Monsua Nebula. In addition, the sector theoretically extended for nearly a hundred parsecs into Wild Space toward Firrerre and Bakura, territory that included thousands upon thousands of systems.[1]

Hyperspace travel in the little-trafficked Zuma regions was painfully slow and sometimes unsafe. Navigation in the Moddell sector was even worse due to numerous hyperspace eddies and sinkholes. Spacers have been known to grouse that traveling there is like tiptoeing across an unmapped minefield.[source?] Most of the sector's traffic was found on the Annaj-Houche Run between Annaj (the sector capital) and Vasha; those worlds, along with Vex, Qina, and Kuna's Tooth, made up the Inner Moddell systems. Traffic dropped off considerably in the Outer Moddell beyond those systems.[1]


The Moddell sector and the surrounding regions were considered part of the Unknown Regions until the Old Republic's final centuries, and were admitted as freestanding subsectors around 50 BBY.[1] The Galactic Empire eventually made the Zuma a regional sector and the Moddell sector one of its subsectors.[5]

The Battle of Endor.

Very few people had ever heard of this remote sector until the Empire undertook the construction project of the second Death Star at Endor.[1]

Following the Battle of Endor, the Moddell sector was among the first sectors to throw off the Empire.[4] After the battle, the Alliance of Free Planets briefly made its headquarters on the Forest Moon, only to be driven off by the Nagai. The sector has been represented by the region's dominant species, the Ayrou, in the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance Senate.[1]

A few entrepreneurs tried to attract tourists to the Moddell sector, but little came of their efforts; the only industry to gain a foothold in the Moddell since then has been illicit trade in the narcotic Rokna blue.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Agrilat, Adega, Vjun, Khuiumin, Basilisk, Pzob, and Hozrel XI in the Moddell Sector. Agrilat is a swampy region of Corellia, not a separate planet; Adega is not a planet in the Star Wars universe. It is likely the game intended to reference the planet Ilum; The Adega system, however, including the planets Vjun and Khuiumin, are all in the Auril sector; Basilisk is in the Galactic Core; Pzob is in the The Slice near Gamorr; and Hozrel XI is in the Centrality.


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