The Merr-Sonn Model MSD-32 Disruptor Pistol may have been the most advanced disruptor weapon ever created, though its production period was woefully short.

The MSD-32 was a step up over lower-quality disruptor weapons like the DX-2 disruptor pistol, due to the inclusion of higher-quality technology. A rapid-pulse energy module increased the weapon's destructive power, reduced the recharge time between shots from five seconds to three, and increased its ammo capacity to ten shots.

The weapon fired devastating disruptor shots, which on impact caused the bonds in molecules to dissolve on a subatomic level, then to continue dissolving. Essentially, a being shot in the arm would eventually die within minutes as his body fell apart from demolecularization. Even more disturbing was that the weapon could be modified to have a charged shot setting, which consumed half of the weapon's ammo supply in one shot. The bolt, however, even if it was a graze, would instantly disintegrate its target, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes behind.

The weapon was so deadly and so feared and the company so horrified by what it had wrought that Merr-Sonn took steps to cover up the fact that the weapon ever existed—the design was purged from all company computers, the designers were sent to the spice mines, the managers were killed, and every weapon they could get their hands on was destroyed.

A few weapons were sold before this purge began, however. Supposedly, these weapons were to be used by Imperial agents; however, quite a few of them found their way into the wrong hands.


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