The Model S-3 was a type of portable force cage that was manufactured and sold by Damorind Securities during the era of the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Civil War. Popular with bounty hunters, it was very similar to force field-based lockups commonly employed by Imperial law enforcement agencies. The device typically sold for 7,000 credits.


The device itself was composed of an exoskeleton frame, crafted from synthetic ceramics, that generated a force field that was projected in between the bars of the cage, and along the inside of the frame. The field itself carried an electrical charge to discourage a captured being from attempting to reach out through the frame bars or to otherwise batter through the cage. For ease of mobility the exterior frame rails were insulated, and an individual was able to move the cage without the incurring an electrical shock. Improper assembly of the device could, however, result in the negation of this effect; beyond that, a very strong being could literally batter their way through the frame.


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