The modular taskforce cruiser was a support vessel class built by Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited for the Galactic Empire. These ships functioned as a generic framework on which Mission Function Modules could be mounted and reconfigured as necessary.



The cruiser in fleet formation, seen from the bow.

The basic design of the modular taskforce cruiser was fairly simple. In its baseline configuration, the ship consisted of a command section, a life-support system, quarters for a skeleton crew, and an engineering section. Since this was a support vessel, armament was light for its size. On its own, the baseline configuration did little more than transport a small amount of cargo. The real purpose of this framework was to carry mission-specific modules.[1]

Mission modulesEdit

Mission Function Modules, also known as "MFMs," were independent units which were attached to the skeleton of the modular taskforce cruiser. Each vessel carried one module, but it was believed that Tagge planned to produce miniature modules to allow a ship to perform several simultaneous functions. In a single day at a shipyard or other properly outfitted facility, one module could be removed, and a new module could be mounted and connected to the vessel's life support, power, and communications systems.[1]

Hospital moduleEdit

Outfitted with tons of medical equipment and staffed with thousands of medical droids and personnel, the hospital module was used to assist in numerous types of disaster situations. It cost 750,000 credits.[1]

Inquisition moduleEdit

Used mainly to punish rebellious planets, the inquisition module was outfitted with equipment for mass executions, destroying a planet's information infrastructure, reinforcing the Imperial Army presence on a world, or completely destroying the world's population if necessary. It cost 425,000 credits.[1]

Observation moduleEdit

Designed for long-range espionage, this module carried 500 probe droids among its cargo, and was employed in observation actions from outside the border of enemy territory. It cost 6.3 million credits. It carried 12 TIE/LN starfighters for defense.[1]

Rescue moduleEdit

The rescue module was used to assist in the aftermath of a space battle. The 40,000 metric tons of cargo capacity were mainly dedicated to repair parts for starships, and the crew included 2,130 technicians. The 140 doctors aboard would search for any survivors remaining in the area, and the technicians would make whatever field repairs were possible to fly damaged ships to the nearest friendly shipyard. Ships with this module were intended to be paired with a hospital ship. It cost 500,000 credits.[1]

Survey moduleEdit

The survey module was designed for rapid planetary and system exploration operations. Assisted by its complement of airspeeders and droids, it was capable of completely analyzing a planet, including surveying for natural resources and good colony sites, within a standard day. It could also plot viable hyperlanes from the survey location to major trade routes. It cost one million credits and contained over 100 airspeeders, 5 Skipray blastboats, and 6 TIE/sa bombers for defense.[1]



A Modular Taskforce Cruiser over Byss.

Though the Imperial Navy had long preferred to maintain a fleet of ships which each filled a specific niche, this was an expensive policy which became progressively harder to maintain. After a report was commissioned on streamlining fleet operations, Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited won the contract for a new multi-role starship. The modular taskforce cruiser was the result of a design program which recognized the fundamental similarity of many single-role designs.[1]



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