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-- This is a blacklist for [[Module:SpecialCategorizer]]. It is loaded
-- with mw.loadData, which means it is only processed once per page rather than
-- once per template.

local blacklist = {
	-- Don't categorize the following pages.
	'^Template:TOR updates$',

	-- Don't categorize subpages of the following pages.
	'^Wookieepedia:Userbox proposal/',
	'^Wookieepedia:Template messages/'

local function isBlacklisted()
	local pagename = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().prefixedText
	local ret = {}
	for _, pattern in ipairs(blacklist) do
		if mw.ustring.find(pagename, pattern) then
			return true
	return false

return {
	isBlacklisted = isBlacklisted()
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