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Mog Adana was a human Jedi Padawan[2] of the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era.[1] He[2] received a distress signal from Jedi Master Sol from the Outer Rim planet Khofar[1] in 132 BBY[3] and informed Master Vernestra Rwoh, for whom he did the desk work.[4] Rwoh prepared a team to head to Khofar to speak with Sol and investigate the murders of several Jedi. Adana was amongst those selected for the mission. They arrived at Khofar just after Sol's Polan GX-8 jumped to hyperspace. Rwoh led her team through the jungles. They found the corpses of Jecki Lon, Yord Fandar, Ithia Paan, and the other members of Sol's team. Adana informed Rwoh there was no sign of Verosha Aniseya or her twin Mae-ho Aniseya, concluding they must have survived.[1]

Rwoh asked Adana what he saw. He told her he saw an explosion, then a battle, one versus many. His power was extraordinary, his skills erratic, with the sole aim of leaving no survivors. After destroying an attacking umbramoth with her lightwhip, Rwoh told Adana that all the victims were killed by a lightsaber and asked him what that told him. Adana concluded a powerful Jedi had fallen. He asked if Rwoh thought Sol was the one responsible for the murders, to which Rwoh retorted that was quite the accusation. Adana asked if Sol caused the murders and why would he send a distress signal. Rwoh replied it was time to return to the ship and that they should prepare the bodies of the fallen Jedi for burial.[1]

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