"Imperial Knights! Save your Emperor!"
―Mohrgan Fel[2]

Mohrgan Fel was an Imperial Knight and the cousin of Emperor Roan Fel. He served his cousin loyally as a bodyguard for many years, and when the Sith emerged during the Sith–Imperial War, he longed to match his skills against theirs. In 130 ABY he got his chance, giving his own life in combat against Darth Krayt to defend a double of Roan Fel, which gave Roan enough time to escape.


"Mohrgan… the others—!"
"I felt it too. We will honor their sacrifices and escape."
―Antares Draco and Roan Fel[1]

Mohrgan Fel was born into the Fel family, the ruling dynasty of the Empire. His cousin Roan Fel was heir to the throne. Force-sensitive like his cousin, Fel was trained as an Imperial Knight, eventually becoming one of Roan's chief bodyguards and a close confidante when Roan ascended to the throne.[1]

In 127 ABY, Roan Fel, under pressure from the Moff Council, led the Empire to war against the Galactic Alliance over the failure of the Ossus Project. The Sith emerged on the Empire's side, something which displeased Roan but, due to political realities, he could not prevent. Fel, much like his cousin, personally detested the Sith.[1][3] When the Galactic Alliance surrendered in 130 ABY and the Sith led a massacre of the New Jedi Order on Ossus against Roan's orders, Roan took counsel with Fel and Antares Draco, another Imperial Knight and Roan's former apprentice.[1]

Fel's death at the hands of Darth Krayt

Roan called a meeting of the Moffs and ordered Fel and Draco to watch High Moff Morlish Veed and Moff Nyna Calixte closely, as he suspected them of treachery. At that moment, the Imperial Knights felt a presence in the room and turned to find Calixte lurking behind a curtain. Fel restrained her with the Force as Roan interrogated her as to her purpose. She revealed that Darth Krayt, leader of the Sith, intended to kill Emperor Roan Fel at the meeting and place himself on the throne. It was in her interests for Roan to survive, as it would keep her and Veed useful to the Sith. Roan believed her and Mohrgan let her go.[1]

The Sith would expect Roan at the meeting, which was swiftly upcoming; Fel volunteered to lead the Imperial Knight bodyguard surrounding a double of Roan kept on for such circumstances. Fel was confident that he could outfight the Sith; he had wanted to prove himself in combat against them since the beginning of the war. Meanwhile, Roan and Draco escaped through a tunnel route.[1]

At the meeting, Krayt and a Sith escort entered as Veed was speaking. As expected, Krayt moved to strike down the Emperor's double. Fel led the three other Imperial Knights in a fierce defense, but the Dark Lord of the Sith was able to quickly defeat all four on his own. Fel was the last to die, disarmed and stabbed through the chest by Krayt.[1][2]

Personality and traits[]

"They'll expect me—and a contingent of Imperial Knights—to appear at the council…"
"I'll lead them—and your double. I've wanted to test myself against the Sith! They'll have lost the element of surprise. We'll fight our way free and join you!"
"Good. That would be good. Just… do not underestimate them, cousin."
―Roan Fel and Mohrgan Fel[1]

Fel leads the Imperial Knights against Darth Krayt.

Mohrgan Fel was extremely loyal to his cousin Roan, willing to risk death in order to save his Emperor. He was also extremely confident in his own abilities, leading him to underestimate Darth Krayt before the battle that led to his death. He did not care for the Sith any more than his cousin did and was eager for a chance to prove himself against them, though he ultimately did not fare well against Krayt.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Fel was a trained Imperial Knight, and could use the Force. Fel was able to sense the presence of others as well as use telekinesis, as when he picked Calixte up and slammed her into a wall, pinning her with the Force. He felt that his own combat skills were formidable, though he was ultimately unable to hold his own against Darth Krayt.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Mohrgan Fel initially appeared as an unnamed Imperial Knight defending the Roan Fel decoy in Legacy (2006) 1, written by John Ostrander and illustrated by Jan Duursema.[2] In Legacy (2006) 8, also written by Ostrander but illustrated by Adam DeKraker, that scene was much expanded upon and Fel was identified as Mohrgan, cousin of Roan Fel.[1] Fel's last name was confirmed by the Legacy Era Campaign Guide.[4]



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