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Luke Skywalker, standing by a moisture vaporator.

Moisture farmers were harvesters of water on very arid planets such as Tatooine, Ord Mantell and Molavar. The harvested water could be sold at a market or used by the farmers themselves in hydroponic gardens. The water was harvested using moisture vaporators, which were able to yield up to two liters of condensed water a day. However, this figure could vary dramatically depending on location. Areas of the Dune Sea, particularly near the Jundland Wastes, were known to be particularly dry. On Tatooine, moisture farmers were often vulnerable to thieves and bandits who would steal their profits.

Owen Lars, like his father Cliegg Lars, was a moisture farmer on Tatooine. Ramiz was a moisture farmer on Aduba-3.

Tahiri Veila was born to a couple of moisture farmers on Tatooine in 13 ABY, that were descended from a Jedi of the Old Order.

The Tatooine Moisture Farm Collective often employed hunters to kill wild creatures that were known to attack moisture farmers.

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