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Danielle Kieran at the bar of Moko's Cantina.

Moko's Cantina was located on the Crystal Web Station. It was owned by Moko Jax. The cantina itself was deemed a relief valve for the station and was a microcosm of the station itself: New Republic sympathizers drank alongside Imperials who eyed the aliens balefully. The main reason for the success of the bar was its owner, Moko Jax, who was a Force-sensitive that always seemed to be sensitive to others needs. In 4 ABY, the Luminous Bantha was found by Moko on the bench in one of the dark corners of the cantina. Though he did not know the actual value of the Bantha, he proudly displayed it on the counter behind the bar. He liked the way it looked there, and it provided him with a good conversation starter for his customers, although it only resided there for a standard week.