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"You're a troublemaker. I can tell."
―Moko Jax[src]

Moko Jax was the owner of Moko's Cantina on the Crystal Web Station. Although Moko was a Force-sensitive, he never learned how to tap into his potential abilities (and if asked, he'd scoff at the idea of "Jedi stuff," anyway). However, patrons who frequented his tavern often found that he was especially sensitive to their needs. If ever they wanted to talk, he was leaning on the bar to lend a sympathetic ear and, in contrast, if they wanted to be left alone he seemed to know that, too. Most assumed he simply had the bartender's craft down pat, which he would agree to.

Moko once came into possession of the Luminous Bantha when he found it sitting on a bench in a dark corner of his cantina. He displayed it on the counter behind his bar as he liked the way it looked there, as well as the fact that it made a good conversation starter for his patrons. The Bantha only lasted a week in that location, however, until a group of Rebels found out its true worth and removed it from his possession.


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