Molierre Cundertol was a Bakuran male New Republic Senator from Bakura, who later became the planet's Prime Minister and a member of the Defense Council.

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Cundertol had once served with the Special Bakuran Troops. A speciesist, he loathed Etahn A'baht, and opposed his appointment as Commander of the Fifth Battle Group. He also supported Han Solo's appointment as commander of the combined forces in the Farlax sector, believing that Solo was currently doing nothing useful. He accidentally allowed Tig Peramis to learn of Organa Solo's plan to send Solo to the fleet. Some time after Bakura left the New Republic, Cundertol was elected Prime Minister of Bakura.

During the period of the Yuuzhan Vong War prior to 28 ABY, he learned the Ssi-ruuk had perfected the entechment process, and offered to help them invade Bakura a second time in exchange for being enteched and placed within a Human replica droid. After being placed in a droid that perfectly resembled him, Cundertol's plan failed when the Keeramak—leader of the Ssi-ruuk—was killed. He fled to a station on the remote fringes of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium where he discovered that the Ssi-ruu E'thinaa, who he had dealt with, was actually a Yuuzhan Vong. E'thinaa then killed the Human.

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