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Momaw Nadon, also known as "Hammerhead," was a male Ithorian who was exiled from his homeworld of Ithor as punishment for revealing the agricultural secrets of his species to the Galactic Empire in order to save the planet. He spent his exile on Tatooine and sympathized with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


Momaw Nadon, who also started to be referred to as "hammerhead" at some point, hailed from the planet Ithor, until he was exiled[4] as punishment for revealing his species' agricultural secrets to the Galactic Empire in order to save Ithor. Spending his exile on the desert world of Tatooine, Nadon maintained a small secret garden in the mountains south of the planet's Mos Eisley spaceport.


Momaw Nadon's secret garden outside Mos Eisley

During the Galactic Civil War he sympathised with the Alliance to Restore the Republic who opposed the Empire, and would hide Rebel operatives in his garden.[1] However, his support for the rebellion was rumored.[4] Nadon was present in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina when Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and local farm boy Luke Skywalker arrived in search of a pilot to take them to the planet Alderaan. He witnessed the pair enter into an altercation with Dr. Cornelius Evazan and his companion Ponda Baba, which ended with Kenobi dismembering Baba and wounding Evazan with his lightsaber.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Momaw Nadon first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope but went unnamed[3] until identified as "Hammerhead" for his Kenner Products action figure.[5] He received his name and backstory in Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope, a 1989 Star Wars Legends sourcebook written by Grant S. Boucher for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[6] His name and portions of his backstory were confirmed to be canon by the reference book Ultimate Star Wars, which was released in 2015.[1]


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