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"We cannot hide in the depths waiting for the danger to pass. We must be a rising tide. For only with Mon Calamari ships does the Resistance have a chance—and only by resisting can Mon Cala remain free!"
―General Leia Organa, to King Ech-Char[24]

Mon Cala, also known as Mon Calamari or Dac, was an oceanic planet located in the Mon Calamari system, a binary star system positioned in the Calamari sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories and The Slice.

Home to two sentient aquatic species, the industrious Mon Calamari and the prideful Quarren, Mon Cala was known for its shipbuilding industry, which produced beautiful and unique starships for various purposes such as pleasure cruises and deep-space exploration. The Mon Calamari ran the Mon Calamari Shipyards company, and the Quarren ran the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps.

The planet was governed by a monarchy with the King of Mon Cala holding the title of ruler. The king also led the Mon Cala planetary defense services and was the judge in the Court Of Justice. The ruler was also tasked with keeping the fragile peace between the Mon Calamari and Quarren intact while ruling over the planet.

Mon Cala became a battleground for the galaxy wide Clone Wars after the assassination of King Yos Kolina. The Quarren took the opportunity to rebel against the Mon Calamari with aid from the Confederacy of Independent Systems while the Galactic Republic backed the Mon Calamari. After defeat to the Confederacy, the Gungan Grand Army came to the help of the Republic. During the end of the battle, Quarren and Mon Calamari joined forces to push the Confederacy from Mon Cala.

Mon Cala would play a vital role in shaping galactic history by its involvement in the Galactic Civil War between the tyrannical Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, pledging the ships of its mercantile and exodus fleets to the cause of the latter. Mon Calamari vessels would play a key role in many battles and allow the Alliance fleet to meet the Imperial warships on a more even footing.

Mon Cala regrettably paid a steep price for its assistance to the rebellion, however; prompting the remaining population to adopt a policy of isolationism for fear of provoking another atrocity against the planet. Nevertheless, Mon Cala would once again pledge its ships to the cause of freedom in the form of Leia Organa's Resistance, unwittingly bringing the attention of the First Order down on the water world.



Mon Cala city, the planet's capital

The waterworld named Mon Cala was located in the Mon Calamari system[3] of the Calamari sector in the Outer Rim Territories.[1] The planet was situated in the eastern region of the galaxy known as The Slice.[2] A moon orbited the planet with no atmosphere and a barren terrain.[5] Mon Cala was in the Standard Galactic Grid square U-6.[6]

The oceans of Mon Cala held an abundance of life, including two influential sentient species;[25] the peaceful Mon Calamari and the more bellicose Quarren species.[4] Both species preferred to build their cities underwater,[25] but there also existed some cities built on the surface of the water.[26] The planet was ruled by a single monarch. Despite their differences, the two peoples had generally shown mutual respect throughout their history.[4]

Coral grew in large colonies on Mon Cala, with their hard skeletons forming coral reefs that acted as shelter and feeding and breeding grounds for various species of fish, crustaceans, and other sea life. The coral tended to thrive in areas bathed in the light of Mon Cala's twin suns, but some hardier species dwelt out of the light deep below the surface. In these deep sea beds of limited light, bioluminescence was a common trait for plants.[25]

Although sparce, small islands dotted the surface of Mon Cala, with many of these islands forming archipelagos. The terrain of these islands ranged from[27] rocky cliffs,[14] to sandy beaches with dense jungle.[27] The polar regions were colder then the rest of the planet with ice floes located in the north.[20] Some Quarren and Mon Calamari left their homeworld to avoid its politics, instead settling the moon of Trask.[28]


Republic Era[]

High Republic Era[]

During the High Republic Era, a civil war was fought on Mon Cala, which inspired the Mon Calamari Iana Percei to leave the world.[29] Around 392 BBY,[30] a dispute over territory occurred on Mon Cala, which resulted in Jedi Creighton Sun and Char-Ryl-Roy arriving on world. Republic official Orlen Mollo, a Quarren whose homeworld was Mon Cala, also arrived and successfully ended the dispute through negotiation.[29] In 238 BBY,[31] Senator Ghirra Starros of the Republic undertook a diplomatic trip to Mon Cala, which she attended with her six year old daughter Avon. Avon, however, stole an escape pod and flew around with it.[32] Between 235 BBY and 232 BBY,[33] a summit occurred on Mon Cala and was attended by Avon. The summit lasted at least one month, during which time Avon ate only joppa stew because it was the only thing her droid J-6 was programmed to cook, leading to Avon's hatred of the food item.[32]

During her time in office, Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh hoped to establish a new treaty between the Quarren and Mon Calamari. A Jedi outpost was also established on Mon Cala. The outpost was on a raft made out of coralite with kelp on the underbelly. The outpost would act as a reeflike habitat for local fauna.[34] At that time, the planet was under the rule of a Mon Calamari named Shenrick, who had not expected to become monarch due to being the third born son. Becoming king after a tragic incident, he ended his affair with Captain Third Class Ghal Tarpfen to save his reputation.[35]

Clone Wars[]

War begins[]
"Soldiers of Mon Calamari: This is your home! Do not let it fall!"
―Captain Gial Ackbar, to his troops[3]

The Mon Calamari and Quarren were on opposing sides of the battle

During the Clone Wars, the eighty-second King of Mon Cala, Yos Kolina, was murdered as part of a Separatist plot to stir up unrest among the people. While his young son, Prince Lee-Char, was supposed to take the mantle, the Quarren, led by Nossor Ri, refused to accept him as their leader due to the prince's young age and inexperience. As tensions grew, Count Dooku sent commander Riff Tamson to ensure that the groups would not succeed in a compromise, while the Galactic Republic sent Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. When Nossor Ri delivered his ultimatum, the Quarren left Coral City and officially allied with the Separatists, while the Mon Calamari allied themselves with the Republic who sent a company of Clone SCUBA troopers along with Jedi Master Kit Fisto and Ahsoka Tano.[3]

The Quarren had already planned for civil war long before peace ended and attacked the Mon Calamari forces by surprise. The Confederacy deployed a large force of AQ-series battle droids to reinforce the Quarren attack while push the Mon Calamari militia on the brink of defeat. But Republic forces arrived to save the day at a heavy cost for the Mon Calamari, with the Quarren retreating to regroup. A civil war began, with the Separatists being led by Tamson against Prince Lee-Char and his general, Gial Ackbar.[3]

But the Quarren soon returned with a deadly creature known as the Hydroid Medusa, a cyborg jellyfish that was resistant to blasters and lightsabers. The Mon Calamari forces were quickly diminished, forcing Lee-Char to order a retreat to the caves. After the fighting stopped, Dooku ordered Tamson to rally up the Mon Calamari population and move them to internment camps to work as slaves. Ri attempted to protest but to no avail.[3]

Gungan reinforcements[]

The Gungan Grand Army came to the aid of the Mon Calamari

Lee-Char decided that the best course of action was to escape with his Republic allies aboard Senator Amidala's starship. But Tamson had anticipated this and blew up the ship when the group reached the surface. The group realized it would take too long for clone forces to show up and split up to protect the prince. The Jedi High Council contacted Jar Jar Binks to persuade the Boss Lyonie to bring the Gungan Grand Army to the Mon Calamari cause. Binks persuaded Lyonie to approve of the plan, telling him that Senator Amidala needed their help.[21]

Meanwhile, Skywalker destroyed the Mon Cala central planetary scanner mast, catching the attention of Tamson. Tamson then ordered his forces to attack Skywalker and his small group. Gungan forces then arrived and turned the tide of the battle. Tamson ordered all of his troops to the suspected location of the prince and used the Trident-class assault ships to take out many of the soldiers. Skywalker and Ackbar managed to take the ship down, but not in time to win the battle. All of the Republic forces, besides Tano and Lee-Char, were taken captive and interrogated to locate the prince.[21]

Coming together[]

Prince Lee-Char killed Confederate leader Riff Tamson

In order to regain the Quarren trust, the prince decided to free the prisoners so the prisoners could overtake the captors and unite the people of Mon Cala under one revolt. Meanwhile, Ri questioned the battle, to which Tamson announced that he planned to take the Mon Cala throne for himself, as part of an agreement with Dooku before the battle.[22]

At the throne room, Tamson expected Lee-Char to grant him the power of ruler but the prince instead denounced him, causing Tamson to order for his execution. But right before the prince's execution, he was saved by Ri, who formally withdrew from the Confederacy and betrayed Tamson. Together with the new allies, the Republic engaged in a final battle with Tamson's forces. Tamson personally fought Lee-Char and revealed that he had killed Kolina. But before Tamson could deliver a fatal blow to the prince, Lee-Char decapitated him with his explosive knife. The Republic won the battle, and Prince Lee-Char was crowned as the King of Mon Cala.[22] At some stage, Jedi General Saesee Tiin was involved in another engagement known as the Battle of Mon Calamari.[36]

Imperial Era[]

Invasion of Mon Cala[]

Invasion begins[]
"Mon Cala is a valuable world in many ways—its people, technology, and civilization. Why, Emperor Palpatine himself enjoys the Mon Calamari Aquatic Ballet."
―Governor Wilhuff Tarkin on Mon Cala's importance[7]

King Lee-Char negotiating with Telvar

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, Char's government became influenced by a mysterious Jedi named Ferren Barr, who inspired them to refuse the Empire's harsh terms. The Empire sent Moff Wilhuff Tarkin on the Sovereign to negotiate with King Lee-Char. Tarkin sent Ambassador Telvar to discuss with Lee-Char, who was angry with the Empire over the deal to sell kelpite strand beam at a lower cost. The king was also not happy with the Imperial military being active during a time of peace. Teelvar promised to bring the issues up with his superiors and departed.[7]

Investigating the possible involvement of a Jedi, Darth Vader and three Inquisitors arrived to find Barr. The group was stopped by commander Ackbar who refused to take Vader's reason for visiting the planet. Just then, Telvar's shuttle was sabotaged and destroyed, killing all on board. Tarkin saw this as an act of rebellion and sent forces down. Lee-Char then warned Barr of the upcoming Imperial attack.[7]

Mon Cala fights back[]
"This attack is completely unwarranted and in clear violation of our treaty with the Empire!"
"Unwarranted, your majesty? Nonsense. An Imperial envoy was assassinated while under your protection. Either your people killed him, or you are not in control of your population."
―Lee-Char tries to negotiate a cease-fire with Moff Tarkin[17]
DV 14 Battle of Dac City

The Empire arrives on Mon Cala

Back with Vader, Mon Calamari and Quarren troopers launched an attack on him and his Inquisitors. The Inquisitors managed to kill all the troopers and moved towards the palace at the orders of Vader. Inside the palace, Ackbar and Raddus consulted with the king who ordered them to defend each hemisphere of the planet. In the meantime, Lee-Char attempted to discuss a ceasefire with Tarkin but Tarkin refused stating that the Mon Calamari destroyed an Imperial asset. Barr then encouraged Lee-Char to take desperate and drastic action to not give into Imperial demands just as the Inquisitors broke into the palace.[17]

The Ninth Sister interrogated Lee-Char on the location of Barr, but the king refused. All of the sudden, large creatures began causing havoc all over the battlefield by generating waves large enough to sweep away the Imperial forces. The Inquisitors were sweeped away from Lee-Char but managed to obtain the needed location.[17] Vader found himself in the Great Ungeness Trench where he fought off a squid-like creature before being rescued by the Inquisitors. The group traveled to Barr's cave refuge in a submarine.[8]

Meanwhile, Ackbar launched an attack on Colonel Bergon's aerial landing platform. Ackbar attacked the base from the rear with missiles from aquatic vehicles, prevented Bergon any chance from fighting back. The colonel was killed during the attack, with Tarkin furious with the failure.[8]

Barr and his acolytes prepared to move to Bel City but were intercepted by Vader and the Inquisitors. Many of the acolytes died slowing down Vader as the rest made their escape. Meanwhile, Tarkin received word that the battles were turning in his favor. But Tarkin was still worried and conceived of a plan to end the invasion. But then Raddus emerged with the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet. Raddus had the fleet link together and combine shields which repelled any Imperial attack.[18]

Final action[]
Once a Jedi Always a Jedi DV17

The Purge troopers execute Order 66 on orders from Barr

Vader and the Inquisitors tracked Barr and his acolytes to Bel City but Vader was ordered to leave in order to capture King Lee-Char. The Inquisitors and the Purge Troopers stopped the acolytes at a landing platform, killed one and cornered Barr and the last acolyte Verla. But Barr activated the inhibitor chips in the heads of the purge troopers, causing them to execute Order 66 and turn on the Inquisitors. The troopers killed the Tenth Brother as Barr and Verla escaped.[11]

Meanwhile, Vader arrived at the Royal Command Bunker where he took out the guards and captured Lee-Char. Tarkin ordered Vader to take the king to a window as Tarkin ordered the orbital bombardment of the northern hemisphere of the planet by the Star Destroyers. But Vader was interrupted by Barr who confronted Vader and prepared to duel him. At the same time, Raddus received word that Zeran Town had been destroyed but ordered his troops to keep fighting as the southern hemisphere was not targeted yet.[11]

Barr vs Vader DV17

Barr duels with Vader

As Vader and Barr dueled, Barr revealed that he was the one who assassinated Telvar to start the invasion. Shocked, Lee-Char ordered all forces to stand down and requested to surrender to Tarkin. Tarkin accepted but continued the bombardment, now targeting the southern hemisphere. Raddus decided it was time to act. He disconnected his cruisers, and charged the Imperial blockade. Three cruisers made it through the blockade while, two were destroyed.[11]

Vader overpowered Barr and killed him as the purge troopers arrived to arrest Lee-Char. Lee-Char told Vader that Mon Cala would rise up and fight the Empire again but Vader saw this as the end of Mon Cala.[11]

Galactic Civil War[]

During the war, Mon Cala was listed as an Alliance safe world despite the Imperial occupation. It was included in a map of the galaxy with a legend listing the various Alliance safe worlds, starfighter hubs at level five or higher, rebel operations sectors and regional headquarters, and shadow planets with deep-space caches. The map was later incorporated into The Rebel Files.[37]

Mutiny on Mon Cala[]
Imperial occupation[]
SW 44 Rebels attacked

The rebels were attacked by the Empire on an island

After the Imperial invasion, the Empire gained control of the planet and began an occupation. During the occupation after the Battle of Scarif, the Heroes of Yavin traveled with Admiral Ackbar to an island on Mon Cala to discuss with Regent Dors Urtya plans to mutiny. But the discussion was interuppted by stormtroopers who forced the rebels to flee. This convinced Urtya that it was too dangerous to involve Mon Cala in the war against the Empire.[27]

Later on while orbiting Mon Cala, Leia Organa a member of the Heroes of Yavin, concieved a plan to break King Lee-Char out of prison on Strokill Prime to rally Mon Cala to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Organa managed to convince the Alliance High Command of her plan.[27]

Plan into motion[]

The rebels infiltrated the Moncaladrome, with the goal of kidnapping Moff Tan Hubi of the sector, in order to have Tunga Arpagion a Clawdite who the rebels hired to impersonate Hubi while the rebels freed the king. Meanwhile C-3PO and R2-D2 were already in the opera house to give beverages to the guests. But the beverage given to Hubi was drugged forcing him to quickly move to the bathroom. But the rebels would be waiting for him their and knocked him out as he entered. The rebels escaped the Moncaladrome and arrived at their refuge, where Arpagion shapeshifted into Hubi. The group then went their separate ways.[9]


Queen Trios and Urtya grew suspicious of Hubi's behavior

The fake Hubi arrived late to the opera show and sat with Queen Trios of Shu-Torun and Urtya. With 3PO at his side Arpagion attempted to act like the moff but would occasionally mess up. Soon came the intermission of the opera with 3PO and Arpagion put to the test to not reveal their cover. Arpagion had 3PO feed him lines to speak during conversation with other guests. The Clawdite managed to confuse the guests but kept his impersonation of the Moff going as the opera continued.[38]

Mon Cala rebels[]
"I am Lee-Char of Mon Cala, and I am dying. But we are all dying. The question becomes how do we wish to live the time we have? What kind of life do we wish to leave for those who follow us? I have been an absent king, and I am ashamed. I wish I could have been with you through this Imperial hell. I was with you in my heart. I have never forgotten you. The Fleet is Mon Cala's pride. Mon Cala knows the Empire's Evil. Their atrocities are burned on our flesh. We know what wrongs they have done...but we can only guess at the horrors they will do next. If we are with them when they do so, all our pride will curdle to shame. It cannot be so...Goodbye, my people."
―King Lee-Char's final words to his people[10]
Arpagion escapes

Arpagion and the droids escape the stormtroopers

The opera eventually came to a close with Arpagion happy to finally end the impersonation. But 3PO told him that the rebels of Strokill Prime were not ready yet and they would have to buy more time. In order to do this the fake Moff, R2, and 3PO all climbed on the stage and prepared to reenact a famous poem. As 3PO and Arpagion acted out the poem, stormtroopers entered the opera house and announced that the Moff on stage was an impersonator. Everyone was in shock but then a staff member caused a "power outage", allowing for Arpagion and the droids to escape.[10]

The group found a dressing room to hide in as they looked for new disguises while the audience tracked them down. Arpagion shifted into a Mon Calamari while the droids attempted to dress themselves. But the chance to breathe was short lived as the crowd reached their location and broke down the door, forcing the Clawdite and the droids to escape the Moncaladrome on their boat. Urtya then ordered his guards to track them down.[10]

Back at the refuge, the rest of the rebels arrived and brought the news of King Lee-Char's death. But the rebels managed to record his last words and planned to play it to the people of Mon Cala. But the group was stopped by Urtya and his guards who ordered Organa hand over the recording. Organa refused to and attempted to convice Urtya to join her, but Urtya instead stunned her and took the recording. Urtya ordered the rebels to leave, believing it was the most he could offer.[10]

Mon Cala mutiny

The Mon Calamari attacked the Imperials on the Mercantile Fleet cruisers

Afterwards, Urtya swam down to The Regency where he opened up a transmission channel to the Mercantile Fleet. Urtya ordered for the broadcast to be played on all of the Star Cruisers in the fleet. The broadcast was the dying words of King Lee-Char to his people. Lee-Char questioned why the Mon Calamari were living under the aristocratic rule of the Empire and pleased with his people to save their pride and their fleet. Lee-Char said his last goodbye before being shot to death by stormtroopers. The Mon Calamari turned on their Imperial leaders and attacked them on their ships, beginning a mutiny. But the Mon Calamari ships were still unarmed as the Imperial fleet arrived to put down the mutiny.[10]

Rebel aid[]
"They rebel to become the navy we've prayed for. They have come to save us. But first, we must save them."
―Gial Ackbar, to Rebel Alliance forces[39]

The rebels come to Mon Cala's aid

The Imperial fleet managed to create a blockade and was ready to destroy any ship that tried to break it. Admiral Tyrus Meori ordered for TIE bombers to be sent it to damage the unarmed fleet. The Millennium Falcon, was the only armed ship available until Admiral Ackbar arrived out of hyperspace with the Alliance Fleet. Ackbar ordered the fleet to protect the Mon Calamari cruisers so the cruisers could be the navy the Rebellion needed.[39]

Ackbar was in need of time to coordinate an escape for the Mercantile Fleet and ordered the Falcon to get him time. The rebel and Imperial starfighters engaged in starfighter combat to protect the fleet. Meanwhile Ackbar sent an inspiring message to the fleet and ordered the cruisers to transmit all of their data. Ackbar then contacted Pysk Lila on the Aurora Flare.[39]

Ackbar asked Lila to volunteer for a task that would take the her life. But Lila told the admiral she was willing to do it to save the fleet. Ackbar thanked her for her service and gave her the orders. As the Aurora Flare made her way to Meori's Star Destroyer, the cruiser took heavy damage but the Imperials fell right for Ackbar's trap. Meori then discovered that Lila's crusiers was full of coaxium and ordered the fleet to stop firing. But it was too late, the Aurora Flare' blew up and created a hole in the Imperial blockade. Seizing the chance, Ackbar ordered the fleet to hyperspace, with the Mercantile fleet escaping the Empire.[39]

Back at the Regency, Urtya's aid reported the Imperial fleet was approaching and thanked the Regent for being a good master. A shot from a Imperial Star Destroyer blew up the Regency, along with Urtya.[39]

Fall of the Empire[]

Mon Cala was one of the worlds Emperor Palpatine intended to target following the completion of the second Death Star, which he planned to use to destroy the rebel stronghold and wipe out the Rebellion through sheer terror.[40] After the destruction of the battle station, Mon Cala was one of many worlds attacked during Operation: Cinder.[41]

Attack by Titan Squadron[]
"Admiral Sloane's strategy is simple: lure the Republic fleet away from Nadiri, with simultaneous attacks on enemy targets across the galaxy. We've been assigned to attack Mon Cala. We don't have the numbers for a pitched battle, so you will have to strike fast. Your mission is to sow chaos through multiple attacks, moving quickly."
Captain Terisa Kerrill, to Titan Squadron[42]

Titan Squadron attacked the refueling pods above Mon Cala

After the Battle of Endor, the New Republic formed from the Rebel Alliance with Mon Cala joining the Republic. In an attempt to veer New Republic forces away from Project Starhawk, Titan Squadron planned to attack the planet and destroy Mon Cala's defense forces. Titan Squadron was tasked with destroying refueling pods on their first attack and then attacking any civil starships attempting to escape. The Empire hoped this would draw out Anvil Squadron. Titan Squadron was ordered to make the attack quick and not create a big battle. Titan Three was put in charge of the attack.[42]

Soon after, Titan Squadron arrived above Mon Cala and deployed from their Quasar Fire-class cruiser carrier. The squadron quickly attacked the fuel pods and destroyed many of the pods in hopes of gaining enemy attention. Anvil Squadron then arrived to stop the Imperials, having been alerted of the attack. The two squadrons engaged in a dogfight over the planet, until Titan Squadron managed to destroy the New Republic forces. Although, Anvil Leader requested backup.[42]

Titan Squadron then moved on to the next target, civilian transports attempting to escape towards Mon Cala's planetary defenses. But the reinforcements to Anvil Squadron soon arrived and engaged the Imperials. Titan Squadron destroyed two of the transports as more reinforcements arrived, forcing Titan Squadron to move on to the next target.[42]

The squadron was ordered to attack a hospital ship carrying medical supplies for the New Republic. During the attack, Anvil Squadron reappeared but with their flagship the Silver Coronet. Titan Squadron then shifted their attention to the Silver Coronet in hopes of whipping it out. Titan Three lead the assault on the MC75 Star Cruiser. Titan Squadron destroyed the star cruiser's shields with TIE bombers launching a bombardment of the cruiser. The Imperial forces managed to successfully destroy the Silver Coronet, forcing Anvil Squadron to retreat back to Mon Cala.[42]

Skywalker's dream[]

In Luke Skywalker's dream in 34 ABY on Ahch-To, in which he imagined how things were if he hadn't joined the Rebel Alliance and instead stayed on Tatooine and married Camie Marstrap, the Empire used the Death Star to not only destroy Alderaan, but also Mon Cala and Chandrila.[43]

First Order-Resistance War[]

Unwelcomed visitors[]
"So General, what exactly are we doing this from far from the real fight?"
"Patience, Rey. We're here to honor an old debt to an old friend."
―Rey and Leia Organa[44]
Aftab Mourning Shrines

Aftab Ackbar inserts a shell into the mouth of the statue

After the Battle of Crait, General Organa's Resistance was desperate to rebuild. Looking to rebuild the Resistance navy, General Organa and a group of Resistance operatives went on a mission, to Mon Cala to convince the King to donate his people and their vessels to the Resistance cause. When Organa arrived on the planet she was stopped by Ri who threatened Organa with death for all the death she had caused on his people.[44] But the late Admiral Ackbar's son Aftab Ackbar appeared to stop the arguments. He embraced Organa and journyed to the Mourning Shrines with her to honor his father.[12]

The Mourning Shrines were multiple large statues of Mon Calamari greats. Aftab and Organa discussed the legacy of Admiral Ackbar and also the purpose of her visit. Meanwhile, Rey and her friends waited for Organa as Rey grew more impatient staying away from the action of the First Order-Resistance War.[12]

Back at Dac City, the Resistance prepared to meet with the King Ech-Char, a descendant of the late Lee-Char. Aftab warned Organa that the king might not join them but Organa believed he would. As Aftab predicted, the king was not open to joining Organa's Resistance because of the wounds of the last war. The angry Quarren and Mon Calamari in the meeting were not happy with Organa's plea, causing the king to adjourn the meeting until the following day.[12]

Ancient Rite of Passage[]
"Oh I believe you will want to hear this, General Hux. I believe this could be of great importance to the First Order"
―Chadkol Gee[12]
Rey vs Arkay-Nine

Rey fought Arkay-Nine in the Ancient Rite of Passage

Afterwards, while Rey, Rose Tico, and Chewbacca were loading up the Falcon, a Quarren mob attacked the trio. The trio fought in hand to hand combat against the Quarren, knocking many of them out. Meanwhile, a probe droid recorded the fight to Ri's assistant, Chadkol Gee who contacted General Armitage Hux of the First Order and revealed that the Resistance was on Mon Cala.[12]

After the fight, the Resistance operatives were put on trial for the crime. At the Royal Throne Chamber, General Organa attempted to plead their case to the king who was the judge of the case. Aftab came to her defense but got into a heated argument with Ri, forcing Organa to stop them. Gee proposed the Resistance could have their fate decided in the Ancient Rite of Challenge at the Sacred Arena of Salka'a. Rey agreed to fight Gee's AQ-series battle droid, Arkay-Nine if her friends would be set free.[14]

At the arena, Rey dueled the droid with each exchanging blows on each other. The droid gained the upper-hand and attempted to shot Rey but she deflected the shot and ordered the audience in the stands to evacuate. Arkay-Nine was about to deliver the final shot on Rey when the droid's head got shot off by Tico. But this broke the law banning interference from an outside source, forcing the king to banish the Resistance operatives.[14]

As the Resistance prepared to leave for the Falcon on a shuttle, a Quarren saboteur bombed the shuttle before the ship could lift off.[14] But Rey used the force to stop crates from crushing Aftab and the Resistance. Rey and Tico then chased the saboteur throughout the streets of Dac City, until Tico knocked him out with a speeder.[24]

Mon Cala joins the Resistance[]
"For only with Mon Calamari ships does the Resistance have a chance—and only by resisting can Mon Cala remain free!"
―General Organa to King Ech-Char[24]
Mon Cala fleet Allegiance 4

The Mon Cala fleet escaped the First Order

The First Order navy soon arrived at Mon Cala to punish it's people. General Organa quickly arranged a meeting with Ech-Char and brought forward evidence that the First Order arrived after being contacted by Gee. Gee confessed to doing so out of love for his planet. Organa told the king it was time to come together and establish the old alliance, because giving the Mon Calamari vessels to the Resistance was the only way to assure Mon Cala and the galaxy could resist the First Order. King Ech-Char agreed to help the Resistance and donate the ships, while Ri decided to fix the problems Gee created.[24]

Onboard a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, an officer reported to General Hux that a ship was flying towards them. Ri was attempting to buy the Mon Cala fleet a window of escape with his Mon Calamari fighter. He distracted the First Order fighters long enough to provide that window of escape but sacrificed his life in the process. Hux realized the distraction and quickly ordered the fleet to move. Aftab led the fleet from his cruiser and ordered the vessels to quickly jump to hyperspace. The Mon Cala fleet would be essential to rebuilding the Resistance while the First Order punished Mon Cala.[24]


The monarchy[]

"And as your king, I pledge my loyalty to all people of Mon Cala."
―Lee-Char's speech during his coronation[22]

The monarch of Mon Cala was given many duties and power as ruler

Mon Cala was ruled by a monarchy lead by a king. The king was the Supreme Commander of the Mon Cala planetary defense services and held political authority over the planet. While having authority over the military and politics, the king was also given the duty of keeping the peace between the Mon Calamari and Quarren people, who had always kept a fragile peace.[3] While Lee-Char was imprisoned by the Empire, Dors Urtya served as the regent of Mon Cala.[45]

The Court Of Justice was the court and the judicial branch of the Mon Cala monarchy. The cases would be brought before the king in the Royal Throne Chamber who would act as the judge. During the trials, each side would be allowed to argue their case before the king made a final decision.[14]

The military[]

Barr Prophecy DV17

The mercantile fleet was refitted into warships for the exodus from Mon Cala

The king also lead the Mon Cala's military force which consisted of an army[3] and a navy.[46] Traditionally the king fought alongside his troops on the battlefield, providing the troops with heightened moral. In the army, both Quarren and Mon Calamari could serve. The Mon Calamari Guard served as the personal troops for the monarchy and consisted of Mon Calamari troopers. Quarren also formed their own divisions including the Quarren warriors who fought alongside the Mon Calamari.[3]

The navy consisted of the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet which was unarmed but could be turned into a military asset. During the Empire's occupation, the fleet was armed and transformed into warships known as the "Mon Cala Exodus Fleet".[46] The mercantile fleet was restored as the "Mon Cala Imperial Trade Fleet" under control of the Empire.[10] Many of these ships became part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and were used throughout the Galactic Civil War.[46]




Dac City was partially submerged above water

Much of the Mon Cala population lived in great cities underwater,[3] which was perferred by both Quarren and Mon Calamari.[25] Despite this, many cities did breach the surface including such settlements like Dac City.[7] Many of the cities consisted of city-ships that served as buildings in the city but could be used as a ship.[20] Cities such as Mon Cala city used a network of tubes to allow for access from location to location throughout the city. The large coral would also form around cities like the capital with the city-ships built around them.[3]

Mon Cala city served as the capital of Mon Cala that the king would reside and rule from. The capital also held a city square[3] and a central planetary scanner mast.[21]

Other settlements included Dac City with held a palace that King Lee-Char would rule from.[7] Like parts of Dac City, New Coral City was a rare city located above water.[19] Towns could also be found on Mon Cala including Quarren Town which was located in the depths of the ocean,[3] and Zeran Town which was located in the northern regions of the planet.[11]

Structures and buildings[]

SW 46 Moncaladrome exterior

Moncaladrome was a opera house that could fit a large audience

Mon Cala was home to an outpost utilized by the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era. The outpost was a large raft made up of coralite to fit with Mon Cala's underwater environment. The outpost also had kelp dangling from the underside, which when moving along the ocean currents, would provide a reef-like habitat for sea creatures.[34]

Mon Cala city housed the king of Mon Cala in the Mon Calamari Royal Palace, where the king would have his throne in a room where debate would take place. King Yos Kolina was assassinated in the palace but Riff Tamson,[3] with his son taking the coronation to be the new king shortly after.[22]

The famous opera house the Moncaladrome played great plays including the "Faluvian cycle" and the "The tale of the tragic egg." These plays were performed on a grand multi-level stage to a large audience. Special seating was on the stage for valued guests. The Heroes of Yavin traveled to the Moncaladrome to capture Moff Tan Hubi and use his bio-signature during the Galactic Civil War.[9]


Mourning Shrines

Mon Calamari paid respect to the greats of the past at the Mourning Shrines

In the depths of the ocean lied a trench named the Great Ungeness Trench, which was home to a large squid-like creature. After the Battle of Dac City, Darth Vader sunk to the trench where he did battle with the great creature.[8]

The Sacred Arena of Salka'a was an arena located between islands used during the Ancient Rite of Challenge. The arena was made out of stone, using stone pillars for the perimeter and as stands for the audience. There was also a viewing deck for the king to enjoy the gladiator fights. During the First Order-Resistance War, Rey fought the droid Arkay-Nine in the arena in order to save her friends from punishment.[14]

Many Mon Calamari greats such as Admiral Ackbar were remembered at the Mourning Shrines, an underwater memorial consisting of large statues of these Mon Calamari. The shrines were surrounded by coral and a habitat for eels. One could place a shell in the mouth of the statues, where it is believed that the soul was kept in. Aftab visited the statue of his father, Gial with General Leia Organa where the two paid their respects to the late admiral.[12]

Behind the scenes[]

Mon Cala first appeared in the premier episode in Season Four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[3] In Star Wars Legends Mon Cala first appeared in a Death in the Undercity, an adventure supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game in 1990 where it is referred to as "Calamari."[47]

The Clone Wars[]

While answering fan questions, The Clone Wars writer and director, Dave Filoni explained that Mon Cala is given the name in the show because George Lucas believed that "Mon Calamari" should refer to the people and not the planet. Filoni explained that it would contradict with Star Wars Legends material but the writers went with Lucas' decision. In the same video, Filoni also explained that originally Mon Cala city was going to be named "Dac city" but that reference was cut from the script.[48]

An unfinished story for Star Wars: The Clone Wars featured a return to Mon Cala in which Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker returned to the planet to meet with King Lee-Char. During the story, they would have found out that Quarren leader, Nossor Ri was murdered and senator Tikkes was appointed as a provisional leader. Padmé would take this opportunity to gain Quarren support for the removal of Chancellor Palpatine from office but was unable to do so.[49]


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