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The Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet was a Mon Calamari fleet that escaped the subjugation of their homeworld, Mon Cala, by the Galactic Empire. City-ships, mistaken by the Empire as average buildings, emerged from the sea and fled Mon Cala. The fleet consisted of many vessels, such as MC75 Star Cruisers, led by the Profundity and Admiral Raddus, that would integrate with the fleet of the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[3] and become a crucial component.[7]


Occupation of Mon Cala[]

Raddus interlinks the shields of five MC80a star cruisers, making them a formidable foe to the Imperial forces.

In 18 BBY, the Galactic Empire began an invasion of Mon Cala after the ambassador there was assassinated by a Jedi infiltrator. The king, Lee-Char, ordered Raddus,[8] the mayor of Nystullum,[3] to defend the southern hemisphere of the planet while his Chief of Security, Gial Ackbar, defended the north.

Whilst Ackbar wrecked havoc on Colonel Bergon's forces,[9] Raddus devised a different and more creative strategy. He took five MC80A Home One Type Heavy Star Cruisers and a number of smaller vessels from the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet and interlinked their shields, creating a large shield bubble that repelled any attack on it. Moff Wilhuff Tarkin thought it was brilliant and claimed that Raddus had built himself a fortress.[10] Raddus's small fleet continued to defend the southern hemisphere of Mon Cala with ease. However in the north, Tarkin began bombarding the planet from his Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Sovereign. The Sovereign and its two escorting Star Destroyers destroyed many settlements and killed billions. But when Raddus was notified of this but told his forces to stay put for the time being so they could continue to keep the Imperial forces in the south at bay.[1]

Later on, Lee-Char broadcasted a message ordering all of his forces to ceasefire. Raddus was shocked of his decision and denied the order. Worse still, Tarkin began bombarding targets in the southern hemisphere, close to Raddus's ships. Without the power to deflect the turbolaser fire, the small fleets time was limited. Raddus therefore ordered the ships to de-link their shields and run the blockade. The five cruisers broke from each other and made for the Star Destroyers. As they passed the Sovereign, two of the cruisers were shot down. However, Raddus made it past with the final three cruisers. Tarkin told his gunners to power down saying they would be found eventually.[1]

Mass exodus[]

The first wave of ships escape Mon Cala, later forming into the Exodus Fleet.

Following the fighting on Mon Cala, the Empire began subjugating the planet and a mass exodus began. Led by Raddus, three MC80As managed to survive the first attempt to escape the occupation.[1] Raddus eventually came into ownership and command of the Profundity, leading the first large emigration of the planet. The first wave consisted of MC75 Star Cruisers,[3] including the Aspiration,[5] that had been converted from city buildings on Mon Cala.[3] Years later and part of the nascent Rebel Alliance, several Mon Cala city-ships were converted into the Telaris rebel stardocks, located in the Telaris cometary cloud. There, the stardocks converted Mon Calamari cruisers, with the Profundity being the first cruiser to complete refit at the Telaris stardocks, and was followed by the MC80A Home One Type Heavy Star Cruisers Home One and Nautilian. The Nautilian would have beaten the Home One out of the stardocks if it wasn't for the Ishanna inversion.[2]


During the occupation of Mon Cala, the Exodus Fleet was composed of at least five star cruisers and a number of smaller vessels.[1] After the occupation, the Exodus Fleet gained more ships, including various Star Cruisers and city-ships. As the first wave of the mass exodus that left Mon Cala, the fleet obtained MC75 cruisers such as the Profundity[3] and Aspiration,[5] as well as MC75 Armored Cruisers and MC75 Ordnance Cruisers. The fleet also consisted of at least two Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes.[6][11]



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