Mon Calamari blink code was a method of transmitting information using a standardized sequence of light flashes which represented letters of the Aurebesh alphabet. It was first devised by the Mon Calamari military for sending messages underwater for short distances without resorting to sound or radio, which could invite eavesdropping. When strung together, blink code could be used to form crude messages when all other means of communications were unavailable.

Just before the Corellian Crisis, retired smuggler Han Solo used Mon Calamari blink code to make contact with New Republic Intelligence agent Belindi Kalenda using a signaling laser pointed at the location of her stakeout post. Because Han was somewhat out of practice with the code, the message translated as: BEET ME AT YR FRONT DR MUDNIGHZ. Han also used blink code to communicate from a Selonian cone ship to the Jade's Fire in orbit over Selonia, because conventional communications were being jammed throughout the Corellian system by Centerpoint Station. His code was still rusty at that point, and he signaled: BEADY TO COMMENCE EMNTRY MANEUVERZ.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though the blink sequences differ, blink code is essentially the same concept as Morse code, which was sent by signal lamps as well as through wireless telegraphy.



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