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Mon Gazza was a planet located in the Mon Gazza system in the Mid Rim. It was a famous shadowport and featured podracing.


The planet of Mon Gazza was once home to a spice mining colony, second only to Kessel in spice mining production. A violent, poverty-stricken world, it was controlled by the Galactic Spice Mining Guild. Mon Gazza was also the homeworld of the young Jedi Zett Jukassa.

During the Clone Wars, Mon Gazza was located within Separatist space.[3]


Mon Gazza

Podracing on Mon Gazza.

Barren, dusty, and red, Mon Gazza's only other notable features were the podraces held there in its prime, before the Galactic Empire outlawed the dangerous sport. Some of the races were held in unused spice mines that had been opened for the races. The tracks include Mon Gazza Speedway, Spice Mine Run, Zugga Challenge, and Mon Gazza Maze.

Nagai invasionEdit

Mon Gazza was the site of a battle against Nagai invaders in 4 ABY.[3]

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