"Some say the Maze got its name because there are more turns in it than a sea twister, but I think they call it a maze because of the dead ends."
Kidd Kareen[src]

The Mon Gazza Maze was a notably dangerous Podracing course located on the Mid Rim planet of Mon Gazza. The course was known for having more obstacles than any other race course in the galaxy. Filled with dead ends, the race was a battle from start to finish, with pilots needing to be more worried about the course than their competitors. The race began immediately in a section of the course known as Splinter Pass, which was a long stretch of land dotted with various durasteel totems. After passing through a string tunnels, the race moved into an abandoned industrial park where the racers would fly through various pipes, often needing to find the right one to progress through. Many of the pipes ended in dead ends, however, and racers would need to pay close attention in order to avoid meeting their end in a pipe. The area was known as the Doom Pipes. The course then passed by a closed off section of the race known as Skeleton Straits and then returned back to the starting grid after going through the Dust Gaps. It was one of the more popular events on Mon Gazza, and during the year 22 BBY the Toong pilot Ben Quadinaros achieved his first major Podracing victory on the course.[1]


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