Mon Gazza Speedway was a podracing course on Mon Gazza and the second race of the Amateur Podracing Circuit. This course was easy for seasoned racers, but it was also easy for an amateur to fall behind and not catch up due to the short length of the course.

The race began with a straightaway into a building in the center of the track. After a semi-sharp left turn, the racers traversed a wide track with few obstacles, only another building in the center acting as a divider. The course saw a U-turn and another straightaway before turning left and into the starting grid.

Because the track was so short, racers who wanted to win needed to get as far ahead of the pack as they could. High acceleration and sharp turning was recommended for racers.

Tournament and Race NumberEdit

This course was the second race in the Amateur Podracing Circuit tournament.

Live Race- Mon Gazza- Mon Gazza Speedway

Mon Gazza Speedway.

Track FavoriteEdit

Teemto Pagalies
Lap Time: 00:16.072
Race Time: 00:51.081


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