The Mon Remonda was the first Mon Calamari MC80B Star Cruiser delivered to the New Republic. One of the most advanced and heavily armed vessels in the Alliance fleet, it was commanded by Captain Onoma and served as the flagship of Han Solo's Zsinj-hunting task force.


A side view of the Mon Remonda

The Mon Remonda participated in the Seizure of Coruscant, during which it captured the Imperial Star Destroyer Triumph. After the Triumph lost its shields, the Mon Remonda engaged it with turbolaser and ion cannon fire, damaging it enough that assault shuttles were able to safely join in directly attacking it. The Triumph soon lost its power and started sliding back into the Coruscant atmosphere, forcing Onoma to use his tractor beams to pull it along and accelerate its orbit.[4]

Some years later, the Mon Remonda served as the Solo Fleet flagship in the search for Warlord Zsinj. Mon Remonda provided enough firepower to foil Zsinj's attempt to capture a second Executor-class Star Dreadnought, the Razor's Kiss, destroying the ship and heavily damaging the warlord's flagship, Iron Fist. Mon Remonda also suffered relatively heavy damage. After repairs at the Fondor Shipyards, it played a pivotal role in the climactic Battle of Selaggis that signaled the end of the campaign.

Han Solo commanding Mon Remonda

The Mon Remonda carried four squadrons of starfighters. While hunting Zsinj, these included Rogue, Wraith, Nova and Polearm squadrons.

The cruiser continued to serve the New Republic, but was destroyed in the Battle of Calamari by the World Devastator, Silencer-7. Before the vessel went down, it managed to destroy a Star Destroyer and several support craft saving thousands of Mon Calamari and Quarren lives. All hands were lost.


An aft view of the Mon Remonda.


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