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"And as your King, I pledge my loyalty to all people of Mon Cala."
―King Lee-Char of Mon Cala[1]

A monarchy was a system of government in which an individual known as a monarch, usually titled king[2] or queen[3] depending on gender, held a degree of authority. An individual could become a monarch through inheritance, with the title being passed down through familial ties known as a royal bloodline,[4] or through democratic election.[5] If inherited, the title and role of monarch was most often held until death. The amount of power a monarch could exercise varied from government to government, ranging from them having a purely ceremonial role,[4] to being bound by a constitution,[6] to wielding absolute power.[7] Some monarchies had a council of officials who would advise the monarch in political matters.[3]

The Elder Houses were the collected hereditary royal houses of the galaxy, and included such monarchies as the House of Organa and Carise Sindian's family.[4]

In ancient times, hereditary nobility was seen as a legitimate system of election, however, by the time of the New Republic, very few still took the concept seriously. As such, many monarchies became largely ceremonial.[4]

Planets that were governed by monarchies included Hynestia,[8] Naboo,[3] Alderaan,[6] Zygerria,[9] Mon Cala,[10] Onderon,[11] Shu-Torun,[12] and Toydaria.[13]

Other titles that were used in monarchies included Lord, its feminine equivalent, Lady, and supreme governor.[4]

A dictatorship was very similar to an absolute monarchy, in that it consisted of a lone ruler exercising ultimate authority.[source?]


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