Monarg was a male Dathomirian mechanic living on Dathomir on 43 ABY, operating the mechanic's shop Monarg's Mechanic Works out of the planet's primary spaceport with the assistance of a group of mechanic droids. It was the most successful mechanic's shop in the area, a claim that failed to be hindered by Monarg's record of drunken rampages that would see him locked up in a local prison for one night. Wearing an eye patch over one eye, Monarg was a recognizable figure who was in very good favor with local authorities. When the Sith apprentice Vestara Khai landed on Dathomir, she sold her SoroSuub StarTripper Yacht, called She's a Chancer, to Monarg in exchange for enough credits to send a hypercomm message to her Sith allies on Kesh. Monarg then spent a tremendous amount of credits repairing and refurbishing the yacht, neglecting to file claim documents with the spaceport in the process. The astromech droid R2-D2 soon after infiltrated Monarg's shop, but was discovered by the mechanic and fitted with a restraining bolt.[1]

One of R2-D2's masters, the female Allana Solo, soon arrived at Monarg's Mechanic Works to rescue her wayward droid, lighting a lubricant barrel on fire outside of the shop in order to distract Monarg and sneak in. After Monarg neutralized the flames with a fire extinguisher, he discovered Solo's presence in his shop, and lifted her off the ground while simultaneously stunning her pet Nexu Anji by throwing the creature onto the ground. He was then blinded by a cup of caf thrown into his eyes, and after blindly fumbling around his shop, found Solo again and once again picked her up. He was then accosted by Solo's protocol droid C-3PO, who entered the shop and claimed to be downloading a comprehensive package of combat maneuvers. Monarg engaged the droid in combat and easily dominated him, failing to realize that the ploy was a distraction on C-3PO's part; the protocol droid had sent a wake-up command to R2-D2, who approached Monarg and electrocuted his buttocks with his arc welder. Solo, the Nexu, and the droids quickly escaped, but Monarg gathered several broad-shouldered friends and followed the group to their starship, the Millennium Falcon. Monarg attempted to gain access with a cutting torch, but the tool was destroyed via a use of the Force by the Jedi Knight Zekk, who was secretly watching over Solo, as the Falcon flew off.[1]

Several days later, Monarg was visited in his shop by Tarth Vames, the deputy director of operations of the spaceport, who brought with him Khai, as well as the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, his son Ben, and the Skywalkers' companion Dyon Stadd. As Monarg had not filed any claim documents for the SoruSuub yacht, Vames seized it and gave it to the Skywalkers.[1]



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