Mongei Shai was a male Yuuzhan Vong warrior and the grandfather of Shedao Shai.



Around the year 25 BBY, Shai was a member of an expedition to Bimmiel which left their Koros-Strohna to establish the Yuuzhan Vong's first base in the galaxy. Mongei stayed on Bimmiel providing contact with the worldship convoy until he was killed by slashrats. His death was a great honor to Domain Shai.


Many years later, an expedition sent by the University of Agamar found Mongei's body on Bimmiel. Mongei's descendants Neira Shai and Dranae Shai were sent to retrieve the body, but were killed by Corran Horn. Due to the disrespect of Mongei's body, his grandson Shedao fought for it with Corran Horn on Ithor. However, Shedao was killed by Horn.

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