Monia Gahan was a Mon Calamarian pilot serving the Galactic Alliance Remnant in 137 ABY. She was a member of the famed Rogue Squadron. Her uncle Gial Gahan joined her as they flew around the Imperious-class Star Destroyer Imperious.

As they talked of the Galactic Alliance Remnant stealing the ship and using it against the Galactic Empire, Gial wished her to not get involved, as he needed to take the blame for any attempts. Returning to dock, she met up with Anj Dahl to return to the Alliance fleet. She gave Admiral Gar Stazi the information for the raid.

During the battle, Gial hacked into the shipyard defenses to turn them on the fleet meant to ambush the Alliance. Unfortunately, her uncle was arrested as part of the diversion.

After the battle, she was still on Mon Calamari. Her uncle and one tenth of her race, including the Quarren, were massacred by the Sith. She was being chased by stormtroopers when she was saved by two Imperial Knights. These knights told her that they had sabotaged the Imperious before Stazi stole it, and that it would blow up if its weapon systems were activated. After rescuing a number of Alliance personnel, she returned to Stazi's fleet and, with the help of Imperial Knight Sigel Dare, was able to avoid a disaster by disabling the bombs planted on the Imperious.

She later participated in the Battle of Ralltiir.

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