"Monster Misunderstanding" is the tenth episode of the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny' second season. It was released on May 4, 2018.

Official description[]

Queen Amidala helps solve the mystery of why a Sando Aqua monster is attacking the docks of Naboo when she interrupts poachers attempting to steal the creature's baby.

Plot summary[]

A female Sando aqua monster is laying siege to the Royal boathouse on the docks of Theed. Three Naboo Palace Guards try to repel the sando aqua monster with blasters but the creature comes back for a second round. Their blaster bolts bounce off her tough hide. The creature continues her attack on the royal boathouse.

Queen Padmé Amidala arrives on a shuttle. Two of the guards tell her that it is not safe but Amidala asks how the guards are handling this kind of attack. The dark-skinned Palace Guard says that they don't know how to because the creature rarely comes to shore. Amidala realizes the creature has come for a reason and decides to find out why. She and the guards enter the boathouse as the creature lays siege outside. Inside the boathouse, they find a baby sando aqua monster locked inside a cage being raised by two poachers. Amidala shoots at the ropes suspending the cage, causing it to crash and free the baby sando.

Queen Amidala orders the guards to let the baby sando go back to its mother and to arrest the poachers. The dark-skinned guard opens the gates and the baby sando reunites with its mother. The baby sando swims away with its mother. The leading guard apologizes to Amidala for not figuring things out. Amidala responds that it is allright because sometimes the best solution is not the most obvious one.


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Notes and references[]

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