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"A worn R4 unit explained to me that after the Jawas satisfy their obsessive curiosity, the machines are either sold or broken up for use in some strange, hybrid Jawa invention."

Monster Droid was the term used to describe any droid that was created by piecing together component parts of many other droids.

Though anyone with the know-how could cobble together a monster droid, they were most notably created by the various Jawa tribes on Tatooine. Because they mainly sold their wares to moisture farmers and small town businesses, Jawas knew what peoples' needs were, and were able to create custom droids to meet the individual needs of any customer.

Though no two Monster Uglies were exactly the same, they were generally constructed in four classes:

  • The Mechano-droid was a heavy labor unit
  • The Tracto-droid was a mobile scanning/radar unit
  • The Quad-pod droid was a cargo carrier
  • The Rollarc droid was a multipurpose unit suited to variable tasks

Monster droids were sometimes sought after by eccentric collectors looking to find the most functional droid comprised the most incorporated parts that is the most pleasing to the eye.

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