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This article is about a Devaronian city. You may be looking for the planet Serat.

Montellian Serat was the oldest surviving city and capital of the planet Devaron.

The Devaronians built Montellian Serat near the Blue Mountains; the city was as old as Galactic City on Coruscant. Nonetheless, it is known that the Devaronians built Serat before discovering space travel, and that the Devaronians were among the first species to develop interstellar travel, which suggests that Serat was a very ancient city indeed. It has been speculated by some people that it was the Devaronians who built the Judgment Field arena near Serat.

During the Galactic Civil War, Devaron refused to join any of the parties. However, many male Devaronians found that the Galactic Empire was taking unacceptable measures against them and joined the Rebel Alliance. Hundreds of Rebel Devaronians used Montellian Serat as their fortress.

However, the Devaronian Army teamed up with the Empire. The Army raided Montellian Serat and its commanding officer, Kardue'sai'Malloc, ordered the execution of at least 700 captured Rebels and/or suspects—which gave him the nickname "The Butcher of Montellian Serat." Kardue'sai'Malloc would then be pursued because of that crime and forced to hide. Ultimately he was delivered to them by Boba Fett and fed to a pack of starved quarra on the Judgment Field while still alive.



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