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Shaak Ti's montrals

Montrals were sensory organs that sprouted from the heads of both Togruta and Kessurians. On Togruta, montrals were cone-like horns, while on Kessurians they were spines jutting from the sides of their heads.

On Togruta[]

On Togruta, montrals were hollow, cone-like horns that sprouted from the top of the Togruta's skulls. They formed an extrasensory organ capable of sensing the movement of physical objects around them[1] within a scope of up to 25 meters (82 feet).[2] The montrals of a Togruta grew taller with age: in adolescence, they looked like mere bumps on the head, but they jutted high above the head by adulthood.[3] Male Togruta possessed larger and more angular montrals than females. On the planet of Kiros, the buildings of the Togruta colony led by Governor Gupat Roshti were shaped like montrals.[4]

On Kessurians[]

On Kessurians, montrals were located above their elongated ears and served to increase their senses. This ability made them adept in space-perception.[5]



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