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Mooga was a planet in the Mooga system of the Perkell sector. It was the homeworld of the Moogan species.



Members of the Moogan species.

The Moogans originated on the planet Mooga, in the Mooga system of the Perkell sector, located along the northeastern border of the Mid Rim.[1]

By the time of the Clone Wars, their planet fell under the control of the Commerce Guild and became integrated into Separatist space.[2] New Mandalorian officials from the planet Mandalore, which had its supply lines cut due to its neutral stance against the war, began communications with the Moogans in order to smuggle products to the surface and establish a black market.[3] Among the goods was the Ardees Beverage tea, which was diluted with a harmful chemical in order to increase their profits from the sale of the tea.[2] The smuggling ring was identified and decimated by Mandalorian police, led by Satine Kryze and Padmé Amidala, before being linked to Almec, the Prime Minister of the New Mandalorians.[2][3]

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