The Moomo Brothers

"They put the 'oop' in stupid."
Marn Hierogryph[src]

The Moomo Brothers (Dob and Del) were a pair of Ithorians who worked as bounty hunters during the Mandalorian Wars—they often fought with each other and had a low success rate. They flew the heavily armed gunship, the Moomo Williwaw.

History[edit | edit source]

At a young age the brothers were expelled from the herd for its own safety.[1] The Brothers once worked for Valius Ying, but were fired due to their stupidity. Another time they apparently double-crossed each other on Bogden.

In 3963 BBY Raana Tey hired them to keep watch on Arvan Carrick on Telerath. But they eventually grew tired watching his movements and decided that kidnapping him would enable them to watch him better. When they reported back to Raana Tey, she yelled at them for making such a foolish move and ordered them to wait for next orders. Shortly after that Dob went out into a bar, where he met Marn Hierogryph, who offered to bring the fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick over to him so he could get all the bounty. Zayne followed Dob to the Williwaw, where he freed his father and caused a fight between the Ithorians.

The Taris Resistance[edit | edit source]

The Moomo Brothers fighting.

The Moomo brothers were later hired by Jervo Thalien, the head of Lhosan Industries, to grab Marn Hierogryph off the streets of Chandrila, so they could together to track down Senator Haydel Goravvus on Mandalorian-occupied Taris. Thalien also provided them with the location of Zayne Carrick at Omonoth. After meeting up with Gadon Thek's Hidden Beks, Gryph sent Dob and Slyssk to recover Zayne, while he and Del stayed behind on Taris.

Later, when Gryph made contact with Jervo Thalien, Del attempted to claim the bounty on Gorravus, a bounty that seconds later Thalien revealed to have placed. Before Del could eliminate the Senator, however, Raana overheard the conversation and moved in. As she and Del brawled, Thalien revealed that his transmitter was rigged with a bomb. When it failed to detonate, however, Del was delighted to take a look at it due to his affinity for explosives and asked if he could keep it.

When the Resistance later planned to destroy Taris' Jedi Tower in hopes of killing Cassus Fett, Del prepped the remote detonator for the demolition charges. He also set the charges on the tower himself. When it was revealed that Fett had already left the tower and that the Mandalorians had attacked the Resistance headquarters, Del enthusiastically accompanied Brejik back to their base, hoping to get the chance to kill a few more Mandalorians. When Taris Resistance was ambushed by Cassus Fett, Constable Noana Sowrs paid Del and Dob to take her children to Alderaan. After they completed the task, they returned to pick up Zayne and Gryph from Jebble.

With the Renegade[edit | edit source]

Along with everyone else on board, they pledged to help Zayne clear his name and expose the Jedi Covenant. They took their ship to Odryn, where Jarael disguised herself as Celeste Morne and the Moomo Brothers as muscle hired to carry a crate, supposedly holding the Muur Talisman, but it was actually their laundry hamper - with Zayne and Gryph inside. Once they entered the Sanctum of the Exalted, the Moomos decided to grab all the Sith artifacts they could hold, but Zayne stopped them, reminding that those things were extremely dangerous. But they didn't listen and discreetly stole a significant number of artifacts, which was a lucky break, as shortly after that Feln destroyed the Sanctum believing Zayne's friends were back to raid the Sanctum.

Del and Dob later flew the Moomo Williwaw to Coruscant, where the ship came under fire from the Republic blockade set up there. The ship was intercepted by Lance Squadron, and the Moomos opened defensive fire under strict order from Zayne not to shoot anybody. In order to get Zayne past the blockade, Jarael, Del, and Dob flew the ship into the hangar of the Swiftsure where they were promptly taken into custody. This provided the distraction needed to get Zayne, Gryph, and Slyssk down to the planet in another ship. After the end of Vindication, Del and Dob were officially paid by the Republic for bringing Zayne and Gryph in. Thereafter, the Moomos parted ways with Zayne's group once again.

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