"Zayne has insisted on bringing us all into Mandalorian space aboard a comical-looking gunship crewed by creatures whose brains could not be found with a thorough autopsy."

The Moomo Williwaw was a Pelagia Duplex Command Assault Gunship owned and operated by the Moomo Brothers.


Cross-section of Moomo Williwaw

The Moomo Williwaw was absurdly overarmed, featuring batteries of laser cannons and missiles in every conceivable arrangement. As noted above, several of the Williwaw's turreted weapons interfered with one another's firing arcs.

The Duplex Command Assault Gunship featured two separate cockpits, a design originally intended to allow the ship's co-captains to divide management of port and starboard armaments. The Moomo brothers, however, used these redundant piloting controls to wrest control of the vessel from one another—sometimes even during flight. The captains of passing starships have observed the Williwaw spin in place for as much as an hour while the Moomos settle their disputes.


The Williwaw was one of a line of Pelagia Duplex Command Assault Gunships developed to defend the Tapani sector during the Great Sith War. Baron Karoll Cilarnus admired the hardiness of the design and ordered the creation of a private model with double the standard armaments. Cilarnus' model was never officially christened, although workers in the drive yards nicknamed it "Overkill".

Baron Cilarnus' company was eventually placed in receivership and was unable to purchase the finished product. No conventional military would purchase the Overkill: it was poorly designed from a tactical perspective, with several weapons emplacements obstructing one another's arcs of fire.

The Overkill was set to be scrapped when it came into the possession of the Ithorian bounty hunters Del and Dob Moomo. The Moomo brothers christened the vessel Moomo Williwaw and proceeded to add even more weapons to the ship's already extensive compliment—giving it "a few more sets of teeth", in Del's words.

Moomo Williwaw lands on Odryn.

In 3963 BBY, Marn Hierogryph hired the services of the Moomo brothers and the Moomo Williwaw to find Zayne, who was on Omonoth. They traveled to Taris where Gryph was helping the Resistance. Unfortunately, the Mandalorian sky patrol said that all captured vessels must go to the northern pole. Before doing so, Zayne, in Rohlan Dyre's new Neo-Crusader armor, jumped down to the surface. While waiting for Zayne's call, Rohlan had Jarael spar with Alek Squinquargesimus.

Constable Noana Sowrs paid the Moomos to bring her children to Alderaan, where in coincidence, the Mandalorians on Jebble were going to mount a full-scale invasion. The Williwaw retrieved Zyne and Gryph there, just as Cassus Fett bombarded the planet with nuclear missiles to eradicate the rakghoul plague. Acting on information of Celeste Morne, the Williwaw went to Odryn to record images of the Sanctum of the Exalted. Jarael took the Williwaw to the edge of the system before returning to pick up Zayne and Gryph.

Armed with the evidence he needed to expose the Jedi Covenant, the Williwaw headed to Coruscant. Unfortunately, Lucien Draay claimed that Zayne was going to raid for the Mandalorians and the home fleet formed the Vanjervalis Chain, preventing the Williwaw from getting close. So Zayne simply had them ram onto the Swiftsure's hangar, where Zayne, Gryph and Slyssk stole the Deadweight.

Behind the scenes[]

John Jackson Miller was inspired by the design of the Twin Pod Cloud Car.[4] Artist Dustin Weaver, who drew the cross-section of the Moomo Williawaw, noted that it lacked a bathroom.[5]

In the Reunion arc, Zayne Carrick sneaks aboard the Williwaw while Del Moomo is speaking to a hologram of Raana Tey. The screen behind Del appears to display a sideways view of Central America and Cuba.[6]



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